When wagering at any location regardless of your goal, the biggest issue to concern is safety and security of your information and your money. Betfair is highly recognized for their work in the online gaming industry. Betfair has twice been named the UK’s “Company of the Year” by the Confederation of British Industry and has won two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, being recognized for Innovation in 2003 and most recently for International Trade in 2008. They also have plenty of clients that will attest to their top-notch service.

Betfair currently executes seven million transactions a day for over 3 million clients from a website that offers 17 different languages. Betfair is globally accepted as one of the bets outlets in the online gaming industry.

To welcome new customers they offer £20 Free Bet and £1,000 Cash back. You are eligible for the program as long as you do not have an existing account at Betfair already. The first sports bet you place within 7 days of registering your new Betfair account must risk at least £20. Your bet must be graded in that time period as well. As long as you place that bet within the time period specified, if it loses Betfair will refund your wager! Essentially Betfair is paying you to try out their award winning gaming platform!

That is just the start of great promotions offered up at Betfair they also have a point program. Betfair will award points for betting on their exchange. Betfair awards points for playing at their site and when the player has accrued enough points they can be used for cash back. You will earn 1 Point for every £0.10 of commission paid (if you have net winnings) or implied commission (if you have a net loss). Betfair Points are awarded equally whether you win or lose. Those points can be applied for cash back and used in their exchange.

Betfair has everything the sports bettor would need from a solid reputation to great cash back promotions to make sure you enjoy gaming at Betfair!`