Regaw Rants

This week the Rants get louder and cover more sports than ever and they go global! I am going to Rant about why Tennis should learn from their past, Tiger is untamable and why Packer fans should wake up and smell the Favre!

On Sunday Roger Federer was center court playing for a record tying title in the French Open.  He did not think he would have to worry about anything but his opponent on the other side of the net, but he was mistaken.  Federer was leading 2-1 in the second set when an intruder jumped over the fence and ran towards him.  The intruder was covered in Barcelona soccer gear and attempted to make Federer wear a red hat.  Luckily for Federer it was just a crazed, probably intoxicated fan getting his 15 minutes of fame and since this had happened to him before Roger was not too worried.  Does Tennis just forget about security? Do they not remember 1993 when a lunatic jumped on the court in Germany and stabbed Monica Seles?  Tennis has to wake up and provide some real security or someone is going to get hurt.

This rant may happen time and time again in this column, but it never gets old.  Tiger Woods will be the best golfer that you will ever see in your life time, end of story.  He did it again on Sunday coming back from four strokes back to win the Memorial by going 7 under and ending the day with a 65.  He was near perfect he had two towering shots that turned into clutch birdies and he did not miss one fairway all day long.  The only time Tiger will lose is when he loses not when someone else beats him, because no one can beat him. Heading into the US Open you can put your money on Tiger to roar one more time!

Packer fans its happening.  You can try to look the other way when a news story hits the airwaves about your once green and gold God.    It was reported on Sunday that Favre had surgery on his torn bicep tendon that bothered him so much last year.  This is a sure sign he is coming back and that he will play in your division for your rival, the Minnesota Vikings.  What is even scarier for Packer fans is that the Vikings seem very close to a team that could compete for the Super bowl, the only thing they were missing was (you guessed it) a quarterback.  He Is not the #4 of old but he still has talent and Packer fans know that before the season even starts he will have one game circled on his calendar.  Are you ready for it?