This week gave me plenty to rant about with all of the free agent moves in the NBA and the Dallas Cowboys looking like fools.
This week there has been plenty of noise made in the free agent market. The race to get the best players on the market has turned into a knock down drag out between ownership. About a week ago I mentioned that so far to me the Pistons had made the best moves in the market, well know that has changed.

Enter Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban has been the most aggressive owner in the league. He made sure Jason Kidd did not leave for the big apple, and then added Shawn Marion to become a force in the west. There are other moves that he has made to solidify the depth of this club by grabbing Marcin Gortat from the Orlanod Magic. The Mavericks get my top grade so far in the NBA free agent market!
This is the first of what promises to be many rants about the Dallas Cowboys. They mess up so much and the team is in so much turmoil it is easy to pick on them and yesterday I just got another reason.

It was reported yesterday by ex-linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys Greg Ellis that his former teammate DeMarcus Ware hid on the sidelines so he could play. While this is a noble gesture by Ware it may show something more about the Cowboys from a coaching standpoint.

To have a player, even of the caliber of Ware miss a play is no big deal and that happens all the time. To even hear that coaches did not know where he was is not surprising because the sidelines get crowded and it can be easy to get lost or to “hide”. What does this say about the Cowboys coaching staff?

The players must have zero respect for the coaching staff to do something like this. It shows that they don’t care what the coaches think and they don’t value their decision making so they take matters into their own hands. This kind of selfishness and disregard for the coaches is contagious and will spread. When this story gets around and gets some publicity it will be another black eye on Dallas and will make a rift if any between the coaching staff and the players bigger, which there obviously is one.

The bottom line is that there needs to be a coaching change in Dallas and it needs to happen now.