Opening Day is on Thursday April 1 and BetOnline Sportsbook simply couldn’t hide the excitement.

On Monday night, BetOnline opened up Opening Day money line odds for all 15 games on the slate. Teams have been announcing their Opening Day starters over the last several days and now we have a good picture as to how the teams will stack up for this first round of games.

BetOnline is taking $2,000 limits on the money lines, so we’re not exactly talking about chump change with a sportsbook willing to take such a strong position in the market.

Let’s take a look through the odds for Opening Day 2021 opening lines (games sorted by start time):

Toronto Blue Jays +152

New York Yankees -165


Cleveland Indians -191

Detroit Tigers +175


Baltimore Orioles +157

Boston Red Sox -171


Minnesota Twins -106

Milwaukee Brewers -104


Pittsburgh Pirates +204

Chicago Cubs -225


Atlanta Braves -107

Philadelphia Phillies -103


Arizona Diamondbacks +216

San Diego Padres -240


Los Angeles Dodgers -225

Colorado Rockies +204


St. Louis Cardinals +110

Cincinnati Reds -120


Texas Rangers +134

Kansas City Royals -145


Tampa Bay Rays -161

Miami Marlins +148


New York Mets -135

Washington Nationals +125


Chicago White Sox -118

Los Angeles Angels +108


Houston Astros -108

Oakland Athletics -102


San Francisco Giants -113

Seattle Mariners +103


Line moves by time of writing:

Indians -193

Tigers +177


Orioles +151

Red Sox -164


Twins -108

Brewers -102


Pirates +191

Cubs -209


Diamondbacks +196

Padres -215


Dodgers -217

Rockies +197


Cardinals +105

Reds -115


Rangers +138

Royals -149


Rays -145

Marlins +134


Mets -136

Nationals +126


White Sox -111

Angels +101


Astros -107

A’s -103


Giants -112

Mariners +102

Some small moves, some big moves. We’ve seen some bigger moves on underdogs, which is often true of the month of April. Many people believe that big underdogs in the month of April are very good bets because all teams are still trying to settle into the rhythms of the season. Over 162 games, talent wins out. Early in the season, everybody is still trying to get timing down or work on command of pitches.

We are also already seeing some assessments of who bettors like and who they don’t coming into the season. The Rangers have already been bet against, as many people expect them to be one of the worst teams in baseball.

The Pirates, who will be the worst team in baseball in all likelihood, have actually taken money against the Cubs, which is an indication of some anti-Cubs sentiment.

Similarly, the Orioles have taken a little bit of money against the Red Sox, another team that public bettors have soured on.

There are a lot of considerations at the start of any baseball season, but you can watch what happens in the market to get some confirmation of your thoughts or see if there are some things you might be missing.

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