NFL Westgate SuperContest Picks & Consensus Week 8

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Last Updated: 2018-10-27

supercontest week 8 picksIt is Week 8 in the Westgate SuperContest, which means that we are just about at the halfway point. Picks 36 through 40 are going in the books this week, so we’re inching closer to the magic number of 85 that will be needed to declare a winner. In terms of quarterly prizes, this is actually the midpoint of the season, so the person in first place will get a nice, little prize when the dust settles on this round of games.

By now you know that all of the weeks are tough in this contest. Settling on five games is a challenge and it is made even tougher by bye weeks or games being held in London. Or so it would seem, but we’ve got a surprising team in the consensus this week. Contestants apparently weren’t scared of that game.

As you know, we started with 3,123 entrants. Some have fallen off the map as they’ve gotten off to bad starts or worse. Some will come back for the Mini Contest in Weeks 15, 16, and 17. Some won’t bother. This really is like a race, but people gradually fall off of the pace and then just retire from the event. If you don’t get out of the starting gate quickly, you need to pick up some kind of second wind to get up with the leaders.

At BangTheBook, things started looking up last week. After a couple of down weeks, the BangTheBook entry went 4-1 and our Gold entry went 3-2. The BangTheBook Podcast entry tried an experiment of going anti-consensus and it failed, so the roll of the dice in that regard didn’t pay off.

But, new weeks and new games mean new opportunities to acquire that aforementioned second wind and gain a little bit of ground.

A lot of ground needs to be gained, as the cut-off for the money right now is 23 out of the 35 possible points. The leader, Jaz, has 27.5 points and there is a two-way tie for second with 27 points. Our BangTheBook entry is a lot closer with 20.5 points than our BangTheBook Podcast entry with 12.5.

As we head into Week 8, the consensus is sitting at 48-53-6 with a top-five consensus of 16-19. Overall, the field is 52549-50978-5473 for a 50.76 percent success rate.

In the SuperContest Gold, the leader, Sarahi Miller, has 23.5 points. Our Gold entry is 17-15-3 with 18.5 points, so we’re not out of the running by any means. In the Gold, the consensus is 54-43-6 with a top-five record of 17-15-4, a byproduct of Philadelphia and New York having the same number of picks as the fifth most-popular side in Week 2.

Overall, the Gold field is at 2226-1991-253 with a 52.79 percent success rate.

With that in mind, here are our picks for Week 8:

BangTheBook (19-13-3, 59.38%)

4 Jaguars +3

12 Giants PK

16 Buccaneers +4.5

22 Cardinals +1

24 Packers +9.5


BangTheBook Podcast (10-20-5, 33.33%)

4 Jaguars +3

5 Steelers -8

16 Buccaneers +4.5

21 49ers -1

24 Packers +9.5 (17-15-3, 53.13%)

4 Jaguars +3

12 Giants PK

16 Buccaneers +4.5

17 Ravens -2

24 Packers +9.5

We see a difference of opinion between the two traditional entries thanks to the 49ers vs. Cardinals game, which wasn’t a popular side either way for the consensus. The Jaguars, Buccaneers, and Packers wind up on all three cards, with the Giants getting love on one traditional and our Gold entry. The expectation would be for Jacksonville to be more comfortable with the London conditions and it turns out that we are actually anti-consensus with that play.

Adam Burke of the BangTheBook Podcast talked about his SuperContest thoughts on Friday’s edition of BangTheBook Radio with some assistance from Wes Reynolds, so give that segment a listen.

The consensus once again started 0-1 this week, as the Dolphins were a loser against the Texans. The Gold consensus was also on the wrong side of that one.

Here are the lines, pick counts, and consensus for Week 8 (Gold count in parentheses):

1 Texans 148 (8)

2 Dolphins (+7.5) 191 (11)


3 Eagles 957 (consensus #2) (39) (Gold #4)

4 Jaguars (+3) 294 (13)


5 Steelers* 494 (22)

6 Browns (+8) 424 (20)


7 Chiefs* 454 (15)

8 Broncos (+10) 488 (30)


9 Bears* 852 (consensus #5) (40) (Gold #3)

10 Jets (+7) 209 (9)


11 Redskins 933 (consensus #3) (32)

12 Giants* (PK) 373 (16)


13 Lions* 576 (16)

14 Seahawks (+3) 889 (consensus #4) (42) (Gold #2)


15 Bengals* 709 (24)

16 Buccaneers (+4.5) 424 (26)


17 Ravens 606 (30)

18 Panthers* (+2) 702 (24)


19 Colts 844 (22)

20 Raiders* (+3) 295 (14)


21 49ers 663 (28)

22 Cardinals* (+1) 306 (12)


23 Rams* 257 (8)

24 Packers (+9.5) 1229 (consensus #1) (47) (Gold #1)


25 Vikings* 796 (29)

26 Saints (PK) 658 (35) (Gold #5)


27 Patriots 578 (10)

28 Bills* (+13.5) 166 (13)

The top-five consensus in the traditional SuperContest is the Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, and Chicago Bears. It is very interesting to see the Eagles in the top-five, despite the game over in London, where the Jaguars have already played five times. Aaron Rodgers in the biggest underdog role of his career was a pretty easy choice for #1. The Redskins and Seahawks are a bit surprising, but the Bears are not.

The top-five consensus in the SuperContest Gold is the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, and New Orleans Saints. A lot of matching with the two top-five consensuses again this week, but the Seahawks have a very strong showing in the Gold off the bye.

Follow along with our SuperContest picks every week at in this Saturday article and with the BangTheBook Podcast entry every Friday during the Westgate SuperContest Selections segment.

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