NFL Westgate SuperContest Picks & Consensus Week 6

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Last Updated: 2018-10-13

westgate supercontest picks week 6A new set of games means a new set of opportunities in the Westgate SuperContest. One of the primary goals in this contest is making sure that bad runs don’t linger. We had a bad week across all three of our site entries last week and now we need to bounce back. It is imperative. One bad week here and there is tolerable, but consecutive bad weeks are not. When there are 3,123 contestants vying for a top-100 spot, you can’t let things snowball.

We certainly weren’t the only ones that struggled last week. The field overall hit at just 44.67 percent, but that makes the bad weeks hurt even more because those are missed opportunities to gain ground. And there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to gain ground in something like this.

As you know already, but we like to mention it every week, it cost $1500 for an entry into the traditional SuperContest and $5000 to get into the SuperContest Gold. The traditional has 3,123 entrants and pays out the top 100. The Gold pays out the winner and has 128 entrants this season.

The task at hand is to pick five games against the spread from stale numbers that come out on Wednesday night and do not move. As mentioned in the recap article, even though we’re only paying about $17.65 per pick, which is less than a standard bet size for most people, SuperContest struggles seem to hurt a lot more than the ones with a personal bankroll. It’s that competitive spirit that comes along with such a prestigious contest.

For the season, our SuperContest entries are as follows: The BangTheBook traditional entry is 14-8-3 on the season, with a 13-9-3 record for the Gold SuperContest entry, and an 8-14-3 record for the BangTheBook Podcast traditional entry.

The SuperContest field overall is 37189-37077-3614 for a 50.08 percent success rate. The consensus is 34-40-4 and the top-five consensus is 11-14.

The SuperContest Gold field overall is 1615-1414-161 for a 53.32 percent success rate. The consensus is 42-29-4, with three games having the same number of picks, and the top-five consensus is 13-11-2 because the fifth most-selected side had the same number of picks in Week 2.

The leaders are THTHAMAN, Kapital Gains, Edge Collectors, and 5th And Goal with 20 points. In the Gold, the leader is There Can Be Only 1 with 18.5 points.

Here are our picks for Week 6 of the 2018 Westgate SuperContest:

BangTheBook (14-8-3, 63.64%)

7 Bears -3

10 Panthers +1

22 Broncos +6.5

23 Jaguars -3

27 Patriots -3.5


BangTheBook Podcast (8-14-3 (36.37%)

3 Vikings -10

10 Panthers +1

16 Buccaneers +3.5

22 Broncos +6.5

27 Patriots -3.5 (Gold) (13-9-3, 59.09%)

7 Bears -3

10 Panthers +1

22 Broncos +6.5

23 Jaguars -3

27 Patriots -3.5

Apologies for a typo in last week’s recap article that mixed up the BangTheBook and entries. The BangTheBook entry has 15.5 points and the Gold entry has 14.5 points. Those two entries also have the exact same card for this week. With the Gold entry serving as a collective effort, and the BangTheBook Podcast entry struggling, the crisis of confidence that was discussed on Friday’s SuperContest segment can be seen here.

The BangTheBook Podcast entry differs with the Vikings over the Bears and the Buccaneers over the Jaguars. Last week’s card was littered with key numbers and we’ve got more hooks and non-key numbers to play with this week, which is a nice change.

The record doesn’t show it, but the analysis has been sound on those Friday SuperContest segments. Wes Reynolds hopped on again this week to respond to host Adam Burke’s thoughts and inject some opinions of his own. Hopefully the picks match up to the level of the segment this week.

The field started with a pretty big loser on Thursday Night Football. The Giants were picked by 327 entrants in the traditional and 23 in the Gold. The Eagles were only taken by 161 players in the traditional and nine in the Gold. Therefore, the consensus starts 0-1 in both contests.

Here are the lines, pick counts, and consensus for Week 6 (Gold counts in parentheses):

1 Eagles 161 (9) WIN

2 Giants (+3) 327 (23)


3 Vikings* 637 (39) (Gold #3)

4 Cardinals (+10) 179 (5)


5 Chargers 691 (22)

6 Browns* (+1) 642 (25)


7 Bears 799 (consensus #4) (37) (Gold #4)

8 Dolphins* (+3) 520 (16)


9 Redskins* 541 (26)

10 Panthers (+1) 587 (15)


11 Jets* 307 (19)

12 Colts (+2.5) 773 (consensus #5) (31) (Gold #5)


13 Bengals* 354 (13)

14 Steelers (+2.5) 1092 (consensus #1) (53) (Gold #1)


15 Falcons* 766 (25)

16 Buccaneers (+3.5) 326 (24)


17 Seahawks 585 (16)

18 Raiders (+3) 228 (13)


19 Texans* 269 (13)

20 Bills (+9.5) 375 (12)


21 Rams 469 (12)

22 Broncos* (+6.5) 635 (18)


23 Jaguars 838 (consensus #3) (30)

24 Cowboys* (+3) 316 (19)


25 Ravens 426 (18)

26 Titans* (+2.5) 594 (15)


27 Patriots* 1004 (consensus #2) (46) (Gold #2)

28 Chiefs (+3.5) 514 (19)


29 Packers* 445 (19)

30 49ers (+9.5) 160 (8)

The top-five consensus in the traditional SuperContest is the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, and Indianapolis Colts.

The top-five consensus is always so interesting. A lot of people like to be against it whenever possible, not just for contest purposes, but because it has been a struggle for the most popular picks. Even though this contest has gotten sharper, and the Gold is sharper still, the most popular picks rarely seem to come in at a high rate.

We also see a fade of the Chiefs, yet again, which worked out with Denver in the SuperContest two weeks ago, but did not work out with Jacksonville last week. The Steelers are a popular pick over the Bengals, a team some believe had overachieved.

The top-five consensus in the SuperContest Gold is the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears, and Indianapolis Colts.

The Gold consensus has been strong overall this season, but the top-five consensus is just a little bit better than .500. This could just be another example of why some people believe that going contrarian is the way to do it in the NFL. We’ll see how it plays out this week.

Follow along with our SuperContest picks every week at in this Saturday article and with the BangTheBook Podcast entry every Friday during the Westgate SuperContest Selections segment.

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