NFL Westgate SuperContest Picks & Consensus Week 15

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Last Updated: 2018-12-15

supercontest week 15Everybody has something to play for in the Westgate SuperContest in Week 15. The Mini Contest starts this week and it is a three-week sprint for $20,000 in prize money. That will reinvigorate some of the entrants that have had a rough season or those that have had a good season, just not one good enough to be in a position to cash.

The SuperContest field expanded to 3,123 entries this year and will be paying out the top 100 plus ties, but that is still less than 3.5 percent of the field. The Mini Contest is a good chance for somebody to get hot to finish out the year and pick up some cheddar in the process. It could also be an extra little bonus for somebody in the money that shoots up into the top 10 or even the top five to finish out the season.

Here at BangTheBook, we have one entry with a chance at sneaking into the top 100, another entry that needs the Mini Contest to get something, and our Gold entry that will be coming up short. But, money aside, this contest is a big point of pride, as it should be with our BangTheBook name on all three of our entries. We’re still looking to end the year on a high note no matter what.

As we head into Week 15, the BangTheBook traditional entry is 39-28-3 with 40.5 points. The cut-off for the money is 43.5 points, so a strong finish could be enough to get a piece of the prize pool and certainly something worthy of Mini Contest consideration would make things interesting. Our other traditional entry, the BangTheBook Podcast entry, is 31-33-6 after a rough start, but 21-13-1 over the last seven weeks, so things have gotten better.

Our Gold entry checks in at 37-30-3, which is seven points off of the leading pace. The leader in the Gold has 45.5 points and the cut-off for the money in the traditional is 43.5 points, which would be good enough for seventh place in the Gold. Observant contestants should take note of this and see that they have a decision to make for next season, even though the Gold buy-in is $5000 and the traditional is $1500.

@Pigskin_Junkies hold the lead going into Week 15 with 52 points. Team Cleveland 1 is right behind them with 51.5 points. Rush YYZ 2112 is third with 51 points. Weurdonthestreet is fourth with 48.5 points and Kapital Gains rounds out the top five with 48 points.

In the Gold, Worcester Prep leads with 45.5 points. There is a four-way tie for second between There Can Be Only 1, Hammer 3, Danny Polo 1, and @Pregame with 44.5 points.

With that, let’s take a look at our selections for Week 15:

BangTheBook (39-28-3, 58.21%)

7 Vikings -7

11 Ravens -7.5

13 Colts -3

15 Bills -2.5

18 Packers +6


BangTheBook Podcast (31-33-6, 48.44%)

6 Browns +3

13 Colts -3

15 Bills -2.5

18 Packers +6

30 Eagles +11 (37-30-3, 55.22%)

7 Vikings -7

11 Ravens -7.5

13 Colts -3

15 Bills -2.5

18 Packers +6

It’s rare to see a card this chalky for the BangTheBook and entries, but two big favorites are on the board and a couple of small favorites as well. At this time of the year, motivation and playoff implications are most definitely big factors in the equation and that is evident with some of our picks.

The BangTheBook Podcast entry matches on three picks, but also has underdog plays on the Browns and Eagles. To hear host Adam Burke’s thoughts on the card, be sure to check out the Friday edition of BangTheBook Radio and the Westgate SuperContest Selections segment.

For those following our progress in the Golden Nugget, this week’s picks are Arizona State, Middle Tennessee, Vikings, Ravens, Colts, Bills, and Packers.

The consensus scored a winner for the second straight week on Thursday Night Football to improve to 5-11-1, so that’s the start that we are off to in Week 15.

Here are the lines, pick counts, and consensus for Week 15 (Gold counts in parentheses):

1 Chiefs* 221 (9)

2 Chargers (+3.5) 237 (16) WIN


3 Texans 681 (28)

4 Jets* (+6) 254 (14)


5 Broncos* 596 (34) (Gold #4)

6 Browns (+3) 701 (27)


7 Vikings* 617 (40) (tie Gold #1)

8 Dolphins (+7) 356 (16)


9 Bengals* 279 (10)

10 Raiders (+3) 312 (18)


11 Ravens* 446 (17)

12 Buccaneers (+7.5) 234 (12)


13 Colts* 999 (consensus #1) (40) (tie Gold #1)

14 Cowboys (+3) 488 (11)


15 Bills* 692 (19)

16 Lions (+2.5) 206 (6)


17 Bears* 435 (13)

18 Packers (+6) 743 (consensus #5) (30)


19 Giants* 354 (12)

20 Titans (+2.5) 911 (consensus #2) (35) (Gold #3)


21 Jaguars* 298 (14)

22 Redskins (+7) 148 (6)


23 Falcons* 246 (13)

24 Cardinals (+8.5) 219 (12)


25 Seahawks 877 (consensus #3) (16)

26 49ers* (+4.5) 543 (31) (tie Gold #5)


27 Patriots 865 (consensus #4) (31) (tie Gold #5)

28 Steelers* (+2.5) 470 (16)


29 Rams* 615 (25)

30 Eagles (+11) 257 (10)


31 Saints 465 (14)

32 Panthers* (+5.5) 470 (20)

The top-five consensus is the Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, and Green Bay Packers.

The top-five consensus in the Gold is the Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans, Denver Broncos, and the fifth is a tie between the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots.

Pick counts were really spread out last week and are pretty spread out again this week. We don’t have any teams with 1,000 picks as we saw so many times earlier in the season and also have a couple of Gold top fives that are nowhere close in the traditional and vice versa.

It should be an interesting week for sure.

Follow along with our SuperContest picks every week at in this Saturday article and with the BangTheBook Podcast entry every Friday during the Westgate SuperContest Selections segment.

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