NFL Westgate SuperContest Picks & Consensus Week 14

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Last Updated: 2018-12-08

supercontest week 14The NFL is mostly all we have this weekend. With only one FBS game on Saturday and a handful of FCS playoff games over the entire weekend, it probably isn’t the best weekend of the year for bettors. However, for those in the Westgate SuperContest, perhaps not worrying about the college card in other contests or with personal handicapping is a positive.

We’ll have to wait and see how the SuperContest field does here in Week 14. Overall, it has been a struggle recently, as the field has come in under 50 percent in four consecutive weeks. This is the last week before the Mini Contest, which will bring some of the dormant entries back into the fold, but it is yet another huge week for those in the money or those very close to it.

For us at BangTheBook, this is an enormous week in the NFL from a Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge perspective. With so many picks leaking over into our SuperContest cards, we’re certainly hoping that we do well across the board. In terms of making it into the money in the SuperContest, it won’t happen for the BangTheBook Podcast entry and we’re up against it with our Gold entry, but the BangTheBook entry still has a shot in the traditional tournament.

No matter what, this contest is a big point of pride for us, as it should be for anybody that put down the $1500 and put their respective monikers on the Entry Name line. We want to finish strong, whether there is a cash bonus at the end or not. That’s why we’re still putting in the effort and putting in the time to pick winners.

We started with 3,123 and we’re down to much less than that as far as entrants that have a shot at being in the top 100. The three-week sprint that is the Mini Contest is a second chance for those with nothing to play for in Week 14 and a chance at a supplement for those that need to keep pace to win something for the season-long tournament.

The BangTheBook entry leads our three entries with a record of 35-27-3. The Gold entry is second at 33-29-3. The BangTheBook Podcast entry of host Adam Burke is 28-31-6, but an 18-11-1 record over the last six weeks has been a much-needed respite from the early season bad luck.

Everybody is chasing down @Pigskin_Junkies right now, who is 49-16 and stands alone in first place by 2.5 points over Team Cleveland 1. ThankYa 32 and Rush YYZ 2112 are tied for third with 46 points. The cut-off for the money is 40.5 points.

Over in the Gold, Worcester Prep and Hammer 3 are tied for first place with 42.5 points. There is a three-way tie for second with 41.5 points. A score of 40.5 points would have you seventh in the Gold and just two points off the pace.

With the stage set for Week 14, here are our BangTheBook picks:

BangTheBook (35-27-3, 56.45%)

8 Browns +2.5

13 Bills -3

18 Bears +3

30 Raiders +10.5

31 Seahawks -3.5


BangTheBook Podcast (28-31-6, 47.46%)

3 Chiefs -6.5

9 Packers -5.5

18 Bears +3

23 Chargers -14

30 Raiders +10.5 (33-29-3, 53.23%)

8 Browns +2.5

13 Bills -3

18 Bears +3

30 Raiders +10.5

31 Seahawks -3.5

Once again this week, our BangTheBook and entries match. All three entries match on Raiders and Bears, with some differences on the BangTheBook Podcast card. That has been the standard for our site entries over the last few weeks. Host Adam Burke was definitely on board with the Browns, Bills, and Seahawks, but opted to go in a different direction with some big chalk on the Chiefs, Packers, and Chargers.

To hear host Adam Burke’s thoughts on the card, be sure to check out the Friday edition of BangTheBook Radio and the Westgate SuperContest Selections segment.

For those following along with our Golden Nugget progress, our picks there were Navy, Browns, Bills, Bears, Broncos, Raiders, and Seahawks.

The consensus actually got a winner on Thursday Night Football this week as the Titans covered comfortably against the Jaguars. The consensus on Thursday games is now up to 4-11-1.

Here are the lines, pick counts, and consensus for Week 14 (Gold count in parentheses):

1 Titans* 188 (11) WIN

2 Jaguars (+4.5) 108 (9)


3 Chiefs* 797 (consensus #2) (23)

4 Ravens (+6.5) 486 (23)


5 Texans* 470 (21)

6 Colts (+5) 988 (consensus #1) (35) (tie Gold #2)


7 Panthers 357 (12)

8 Browns* (+2.5) 659 (28)


9 Packers* 534 (20)

10 Falcons (+5.5) 267 (11)


11 Saints 581 (24)

12 Buccaneers* (+8) 312 (14)


13 Bills* 761 (consensus #4) (32) (tie Gold #4)

14 Jets (+3) 133 (6)


15 Patriots 366 (13)

16 Dolphins* (+7.5) 596 (22)


17 Rams 791 (consensus #3) (21)

18 Bears* (+3) 694 (31)


19 Giants 711 (consensus #5) (22)

20 Redskins* (+3.5) 189 (10)


21 Broncos 531 (17)

22 49ers* (+4.5) 605 (32) (tie Gold #4)


23 Chargers* 317 (11)

24 Bengals (+14) 130 (8)


25 Lions 283 (11)

26 Cardinals* (+2.5) 311 (12)


27 Cowboys* 539 (11)

28 Eagles (+3.5) 663 (39) (Gold #1)


29 Steelers 189 (8)

30 Raiders* (+10.5) 526 (27)


31 Seahawks* 573 (16)

32 Vikings (+3.5) 580 (35) (tie Gold #2)

The top-five consensus is the Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, Buffalo Bills, and New York Giants.

Pick are extremely spread out this week, which is unlike what we’ve seen the last few weeks. This is a tough card and the pick counts reflect that.

The top-five consensus in the Gold is the Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, and Buffalo Bills.

Like the traditional, the counts are fairly spread out here, though not as much. Also, we see a lot of different consensus picks between the two contests, which has been a rarity.

Follow along with our SuperContest picks every week at in this Saturday article and with the BangTheBook Podcast entry every Friday during the Westgate SuperContest Selections segment.

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