NFL Westgate SuperContest Picks & Consensus Week 13

Last Updated: 2018-12-01

supercontest week 13 picksIt is now a five-week sprint in the Westgate SuperContest. The NFL season feels like a marathon, but then you blink and all the bye weeks are finished and the playoff chase is on. There is a playoff chase of a different kind in the SuperContest, as the fortunate souls in or around the top 100 are all hoping to come away from these 17 weeks with something for their time and efforts.

The NFL is never a cut-and-dry handicap, but we’ve reached the point in the season where there are some teams that aren’t going to be trying nearly as hard as others and there are also teams facing inflated prices because of playoff implications or those age-old “must-win” situations. It will be an interesting final five weeks, especially for those in contention for some cash.

For us here at BangTheBook, we’ve been running very well of late. All three of our entries went 4-1 last week and we’re looking for the same or better this week.

As you know, the buy-in was $1500 in the traditional and $5000 in the Gold. The top 100 plus ties get paid in the traditional and only one gets paid in the Gold, unless we have a tie at the top. Then they’ll have to fight to the death to declare a winner. There was a new record in the SuperContest with 3,123 entrants and a record in the second year of the Gold with 128.

As we head into Week 13, the leader is @Pigskin_Junkies with 45 points. That is 2.5 points better than Team Cleveland 1, Personal Gourmet, and C Squared. Rush YYZ 2112 and Kapital Gains round out the top five with 42 points. The cut-off for the money is 38 points.

Over in the Gold, Hammer 3 owns a one-point lead over Worcester Prep and JRich. Hammer 3 is 40-19-1 with 40.5 points, while Worcester Prep, off of a 5-0 week, is 38-19-3 and JRich is 39-20-1.

As mentioned, all three BangTheBook entries came in at 4-1 last week. BangTheBook has the best record of the three with a 33-24-3 record. That is 34.5 points and just 3.5 points out of the money, so it is not a long shot by any means to get up there into the top 100. The BangTheBook Podcast entry is 26-28-6, but 16-8-1 over the last five weeks to dig out of a big hole.

Our joint Gold entry is 31-26-3. That means it is time to get hot and go on a big run.

With that in mind, here are our picks for Week 13 of the 2018 Westgate SuperContest:

BangTheBook (33-24-3, 57.89%)

3 Steelers -3.5

10 Ravens +1

12 Browns +5.5

14 Bills +4.5

28 Vikings +5


BangTheBook Podcast (26-28-6, 48.15%)

7 Panthers -3.5

12 Browns +5.5

14 Bills +4.5

18 Bengals +4.5

29 Seahawks -9.5 (31-26-3, 54.39%)

3 Steelers -3.5

10 Ravens +1

12 Browns +5.5

14 Bills +4.5

28 Vikings +5

Once again this week, our BangTheBook and entries match up perfectly. It’s been working for us, so why change it up now. When you have a joint entry, sometimes it’s important to ride the hot hand and the BangTheBook entry has consistently been better over the course of the season.

Not surprisingly, we’ve got a lot of dogs on the three cards. The ongoing fade of the Buccaneers continues for host Adam Burke of BangTheBook Radio and the BangTheBook Podcast entry, but the Seahawks also get added as a big favorite with a strong rushing attack.

The only favorite on the matching cards is the Steelers, as the Chargers appear to be a bit of a trendy dog. It is delicate balance between picking winners and being against the consensus, especially with the need to gain some ground with just 25 picks left to track.

To hear host Adam Burke’s thoughts on the card, be sure to check out the Friday edition of BangTheBook Radio and the Westgate SuperContest Selections segment.

For those following along with our Golden Nugget progress, our picks there are Washington, Ohio State, NC State, Ravens, Browns, Bills, and Vikings. You’ll notice that we carried those sides over to the SuperContest as well.

The consensus on Thursday nights entered this week just 3-10-1 on the season. With the Cowboys over the Saints on Thursday night, the consensus fell to 3-11-1 in Thursday games. Woof.

Here are the lines, pick counts, and consensus for Week 13 (Gold count in parentheses):

1 Saints 391 (16)

2 Cowboys* (+7) 194 (11) WIN


3 Colts 1029 (consensus #1) (31) (tie Gold #4)

4 Jaguars* (+4) 274 (16)


5 Steelers* 961 (consensus #2) (32) (Gold #3)

6 Chargers (+3.5) 488 (22)


7 Panthers 551 (20)

8 Buccaneers* (+3.5) 379 (22)


9 Falcons* 911 (consensus #3) (42) (Gold #1)

10 Ravens (+1) 330 (10)


11 Texans* 629 (17)

12 Browns (+5.5) 604 (28)


13 Dolphins* 346 (14)

14 Bills (+4.5) 504 (28)


15 Bears 346 (8)

16 Giants* (+5.5) 826 (consensus #4) (36) (Gold #2)


17 Broncos 606 (25)

18 Bengals* (+4.5) 318 (11)


19 Rams 611 (25)

20 Lions* (+9.5) 298 (12)


21 Packers* 309 (13)

22 Cardinals (+13.5) 198 (9)


23 Chiefs 346 (8)

24 Raiders* (+14.5) 260 (15)


25 Titans* 285 (16)

26 Jets (+7.5) 188 (10)


27 Patriots* 776 (consensus #5) (25)

28 Vikings (+5) 576 (31) (tie Gold #4)


29 Seahawks* 731 (26)

30 49ers (+9.5) 186 (11)


31 Eagles* 294 (14)

32 Redskins (+6.5) 570 (23)

The top-five consensus is the Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers, Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants, and New England Patriots.

The top-five Gold consensus is the Atlanta Falcons, New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, and Minnesota Vikings.

Follow along with our SuperContest picks every week at in this Saturday article and with the BangTheBook Podcast entry every Friday during the Westgate SuperContest Selections segment.

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