NFL Week 17: Who’s in? Who’s Out?


Betting on football in Week 17 of the NFL can be one of the hardest weeks to handicap. In fact it is a lot like betting on preseason NFL. The coaches use all week to try and figure out who is playing and who will be sitting out. It all comes down to what team still has something to play for.

The Sunday night game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins is a no brainer. Both teams are playing for the NFC East title and therefore all hands will be on deck and the game can be handicapped normally, but there are other games that may not have that same feel to it.

The AFC playoffs are already wrapped up and besides seedings in a few places, teams could decide to easily rest their starters.

The Houston Texans play the Indianapolis Colts in the early games next Sunday and with a win they would wrap up home field advantage in the AFC. The Patriots and Broncos play later in Sunday and if the Texans wrap up home field advantage don’t be surprised if the coaches rest some of the players.

The Broncos best player is Peyton Manning, a player that had four neck surgeries before suiting up again this year for Denver. The Broncos host a divisional game against the hapless Kansas City Chiefs. If the Broncos don’t have anything to play for in this game Manning could easily sit out the game. This would dramatically change the point spread and the way a person would go about handicapping a game.

Although Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is known for keeping his players in, Tom Brady and other Patriots could miss the game against the Dolphins.

Betting on football in the last week of the season is a big challenge and if you don’t plan accordingly it could be costly.

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