NFL Super Contest Picks From the Las Vegas Hilton Week 8


The NFL Super Contest presented by the Las Vegas Hilton is a long grueling contest that features some of the best handicappers in the world all vying for the biggest prize for a football picking contest in the world! At bang the we post the results from the previous week, the picks for the current week along with a consensus.

This contest is a marathon, not a sprint and every handicapper will have some good weeks and some bad weeks.

In Week 7 not one handicapper was able to pull off the perfect week. The best record of the week was a 4-0-1 week by KURLY, who currently holds the top spot with 25 points. KURLY is tied with HEISENBERG with 25 points thanks to the 3-2 record put up by HEISENBERG a week ago. JAY STONES AND SILENT V is both tied in the third spot with 24.5 points. The contest is wide open this year as just three points separates the top 26 players in the contest.

We post our picks here every Saturday leading up to kickoff and the BANG THE BOOK team has a lot to do to make up for the awful 0-5 finish in week 7. Even with that abysmal week we still have 19 points and are well within striking distance.

Here are our picks for this week. TEN, PHI, MIA, NYG, DEN.

The consensus is also released every Saturday and the team that was selected the most this week in the Super Contest is the Philadelphia Eagles who got a whopping 303 picks (HILTON Consensus Record), as the contestants believe that the Atlanta Falcons will get their first loss of the season.

The second most picked team is the New York Giants over the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants got 295 selections as a road team against the Cowboys. To round out the top three, the Washington Redskins finished as the third most popular pick with 220 votes.

Here is the standings, recap, consensus, and picks for week 8 for the biggest football picking contest in the world! See you next week as we continue to track the BANG THE BOOK journey to first place!

Week 8 LVH SuperContest NFL Picks By Most Contestants (2-3 last week, 17-17-1 YTD)
1Philadelphia -2.5By 303*
2New York Giants -2.5By 295
3Washington +4.5By 220
4Miami +2By 216
5San Diego -2.5By 206
Week 8 LVH SuperContest NFL Picks By Widest Margin (2-3 last week, 16-18-1 YTD)
1New York Giants -2.5By 195
2Philadelphia -2.5By 180
3Washington +4.5By 139
4San Diego -2.5By 123
5Green Bay -14By 116
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