The 2023-24 NFL season has completed just five weeks of the regular season, but you can already predict the two teams that will end up in the Super Bowl. While the NFL is a league that comes with a ton of parity, that’s not necessarily the case when looking at the two best teams.

Making futures bets is always a good option when it comes to the NFL, and betting on the Super Bowl is the most popular form of this wager. It’s still too early to be able to accurately predict the team that will win the title, but betting on the conference champions has become pretty clear.

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are going to represent their respective conferences in the Super Bowl, and it will set up for a great battle in the title game.

49ers Can Defend

The San Francisco 49ers are one of two undefeated remaining in the National Football League this season, and both teams are from the NFC. That might make you wonder which team is better overall, but the clear answer is the San Francisco 49ers.

San Francisco is now the betting favorite to win the NFC at +175, and they were always expected to be in the mix. The Philadelphia Eagles are next on the list at +300 at BetOnline, and they are the other team that has yet to lose a game.

The difference between these two teams is that the 49ers are one of the most elite defensive teams in the NFL. San Francisco can shut any team down, and then they will let their explosive offense get the job done when they have the football.

There is still plenty of work to be done for the 49ers this season, but they just made a massive statement in Week 5 by picking up a 42-10 win over the Dallas Cowboys. San Francisco made it pretty clear that they were the class of the NFC, and it’s hard to see anything go wrong for this team.

Bet on the 49ers to win the AFC at +175 at BetOnline

Chiefs Too Good in AFC

The AFC was expected to be extremely competitive coming into the 2023-24 season, and it could still play out that way in the postseason. While the playoffs are going to be filled with some impressive teams, it will once again be the Kansas City Chiefs that win that conference.

Kansas City is now the clear favorite to win the AFC at +250 at BetOnline, with the Miami Dolphins (+400) and Buffalo Bills (+450) next on the list. Both Miami and Buffalo have had some impressive performances this season, but they also have some strange games mixed in.

The Dolphins are a team that wants to try and outscore everyone that they play, and that just doesn’t work in the NFL. Miami still needs to prove that they can stop the best teams in the league, like the Chiefs.

Buffalo already has a pair of losses on the year, and they are in danger of losing out on home-field advantage early on in the playoffs. The Bills have already proven that they struggle on the road in the postseason, especially in places such as Kansas City.

It doesn’t matter what goes on around them; the Chiefs just continue to play the same brand of football and win big games. Patrick Mahomes could be in line to win another MVP this season, and there is some talent on that defensive side of the football.

The Chiefs always seem to find a way, and that will be the case in the AFC yet again.

Bet on the Chiefs to win the AFC at +250 at BetOnline