NFL Picks: 2010 Odds to Win NFL MVP (as of 10/13/10)

MVP Update (as of 10/13/10)

Ready to see how the best MVP candidates in the NFL are doing? Check out our new, weekly odds analysis of the 2010 MVP odds for the best players in the NFL!

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: Why Rodgers is still the favorite to capture the MVP is beyond us. He did have a great game last week, throwing for 293 yards, but when push came to shove, he only threw one TD pass and tossed the INT that ultimately cost the Packers this NFL betting affair against the Washington Redskins. To make matters worse, he suffered a concussion on that final throw of the game, and now he is extremely questionable for at least this week against the Miami Dolphins, if not further into the season.

Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts: It was an awful Sunday for Manning last week, as he didn’t throw a TD pass after tossing at least two scores in each of his first four games of the year. At just 59.1 percent, it was the worst completion percentage of Manning’s season. However, for the duration of the season, the former Tennessee Volunteer has thrown for 1,609 yards and 11 TDs against just two INTs. With numbers like that prorated over the full 16 weeks, Manning would throw for 5,150 yards and 35 TDs, numbers which are most certainly fit for an MVP.

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans: The equation for Johnson is very simple. When the Titans’ top star runs for at least 100 yards, they win. When he doesn’t, they lose. For the third time this year, he topped the century mark barrier by rolling all over the Dallas Cowboys in Big D. Johnson is “only” on pace for 1,552 yards this year, which is pedestrian in comparison to the 2,006 that he rumbled for a year ago. The difference is that Tennessee is 3-2 this year at the outset of the season and not 0-5, and if the Titans get to the postseason, Johnson is going to be a prime candidate to take home the top individual honor in the league.

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets: The “Sanchise” has arrived! Sanchez has done a great job with the Jets this year, and the difference between this season and 2009 is that he is trying to do a better job of hanging on to the pigskin. It’s not that his completion percentage is fantastic (55.1%), and it isn’t that throwing for 902 yards in five games is worth much of anything in the grand scheme of things (it’s only on pace for 2,886 yards for the season), but eight TDs without a pick is saying something. If the Jets ultimately can win the AFC East, Sanchez might sneak into the MVP discussion, especially if neither RB LaDainian Tomlinson nor RB Shonn Greene really becomes the primary running back.

Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers had his fourth game this season with at least 298 yards passing. He has 430+ yards twice this season, but in both games, the Bolts have lost. Rivers is the only man in the league to have at least two TD passes in all five games this season. His biggest problem is that he is playing for a team that is just 2-3 on the year. Yes, San Diego was in this same type of spot last year and finished with the AFC West crown, and yes, no one in this division is probably a playoff caliber team, but there is something to be said about being under .500 and being in the Top 5 contenders to win the MVP Award.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: The defending champs got a great game out of Brees on Sunday afternoon, but it was totally wasted in a loss at University of Phoenix Stadium against the Arizona Cardinals. Brees has accounted for 1,410 yards and nine TDs this year, but he has five picks and has only led his team to 19.8 points per game so far on the season. Needless to say, numbers like that just aren’t going to cut it, especially when the Saints are playing without seemingly all of their running backs due to injury.

Odds to Win 2010 MVP at BetMania (as of 10/13/10)

Aaron Rodgers +250
Adrian Peterson +1500
Alex Smith +10000
Brett Favre +5000
Chris Johnson +800
Drew Brees +1500
Eli Manning +5000
Felix Jones +7500
Joe Flacco +2000
Mark Sanchez +1200
Matt Ryan +5000
Matt Schaub +2500
Michael Turner +5000
Peyton Manning +450
Philip Rivers +1500
Randy Moss +4000
Ray Rice +3000
Tom Brady +1500
Tony Romo +2000
Field +150


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