NFL MVP Odds Update (through Week 8)


BetOnline.comHere at Bang the Book, we are beginning our update for the MVP odds on a regular basis. Here is our first look through eight weeks of play at some of the favorites as well as the odds to win the 2011 MVP that can be found below…

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: Rodgers is the odds on favorite for a good reason to be the league’s MVP this year. He has thrown for 20 touchdowns, making him the only man in the league that can say he has reached that plateau, and he only has three picks to show for his work as well. He leads the league in quarterback rating with a 125.7, and he is third in the league in passing yards and will probably become the second or third signal caller to reach the 3,000 yard mark this year as well. 5,000 yards isn’t out of the question, and it is a number that he is going to be on pace for after this week is said and done in all likelihood. Oh, and he is the quarterback and the heart and soul of a team that is 7-0 and could be well on its way to a perfect season. There’s just nothing to not like about Rodgers this year.

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers: Big Ben is probably one of the unheralded choices for the MVP honors this year. He has thrown for 2,302 yards and 14 TDs against seven picks, and he has done so in eight games as opposed to seven that most have had, so from that standpoint, perhaps we are making a bit more out of him than he actually is. That being said, he has an offensive line that resembles Swiss Cheese in front of him, and he has his team with the best record in the AFC for the time being. The schedule in the second half of the year is significantly easier than it was in the first half, so don’t count out the idea that Roethlisberger can’t go on a tear and all of a sudden end up with 5,000 passing yards and 35 TDs on a team that goes 12-4 and wins the AFC North.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: Brees needs 254 passing yards this week to reach 3,000 for the season, and he might be the only quarterback that has even reached 2,700 yards by the time this week is over with. That being said, he still needs to go on bye, but there is no doubt that he is going to end up with more than 5,000 yards through the air if he stays healthy. He’s on a winning team, and he could end up with some absolutely ridiculous numbers when it is said and done. He’s got a great set of receivers around him and no rushing game to steal all of those touchdowns. This is a great chance for Brees to be a legit MVP choice this year.

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles: We really can’t ignore the possibility that the Eagles are going to go on a nice run and catch some fire, and if that’s the case, Vick is probably going to explode. No, his numbers aren’t anywhere near where they were at last year, even near this time, but there is nothing that might stop Vick from duplicating those season numbers by the time the year is said and done with. RB LeSean McCoy might ultimately end up stealing some of Vick’s thunder, but in the end, when this game is said and done, the former Virginia Tech Hokies star is going to be on pace for over 4,000 passing yards, right around 25 passing touchdowns, almost 1,000 rushing yards, and probably another four to five scores on the ground. Those are definitely MVP type of numbers for sure.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots: For whatever reason, Brady just doesn’t feel like he has the goods to win the MVP award this year. The Patriots may or may not be the best team in their own division, and they may or may not even make the playoffs. Even if they do, Brady doesn’t have the numbers of Brees or the wins like Rodgers, and he is going to get some bias against him because, after all, he is Tom Freaking Brady. Throwing for 40 touchdowns and 5,000 yards should be old hat for him. Right now, Brady is on pace for even more than that though, and it could be hard to ignore him when push really comes to shove, especially at 20 to 1 odds.

Odds to Win 2011 MVP (as of 11/5/11)
Aaron Rodgers 1 to 2.25
Adrian Peterson 25 to 1
Arian Foster 50 to 1
Ben Roethlisberger 40 to 1
Brandon Lloyd 75 to 1
Calvin Johnson 20 to 1
Chris Johnson 100 to 1
Drew Brees 8 to 1
Eli Manning 12 to 1
Joe Flacco 30 to 1
Josh Freeman 50 to 1
Larry Fitzgerald 50 to 1
Mark Sanchez 100 to 1
Matt Ryan 40 to 1
Matt Schaub 50 to 1
Maurice Jones-Drew 50 to 1
Michael Turner 50 to 1
Michael Vick 50 to 1
Philip Rivers 20 to 1
Tom Brady 3 to 1
Tony Romo 20 to 1

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