NFL Lessons Learned Week 9

Last Updated: 2017-11-07

The NFL just seems to get crazier and crazier with every passing week. With every result, the NFL fan and the football bettor seem to find a new angle or a new way to look at the league. That has not changed after week eight. Actually this may have been the week that there is more overreaction to the results since week one. Since you do not always have time to break down the week that was, we do it for you. Here are the things that stood out to us this week in the National Football League and the things to consider going forward at the betting window.

Overreaction To Big Wins

The Philadelphia Eagles, LA Rams and New Orleans Saints all got convincing wins in week eight and the world went haywire. Although every one of these teams took down opponents who are having bad seasons, the sports betting market had to adjust and they did it in a big way. After crushing the Denver Broncos the Philadelphia Eagles are now (+560) to win the Super Bowl. That means only the New England Patriots have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl. There is no doubt that the Eagles are a very good team that is having a very good season but this is a true overreaction to a team that still has problems on defense and inexperience in many key positons to include quarterback.

Trending Down in Tampa

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are having a bad season and it may have just gotten worse. They were trounced on Sunday by the New Orleans Saints and they may be without Mike Evans who jumped a player on the Saints during the game, but it gets worse. The Buccaneers have announced that they will shut down Jameis Winston for at least two weeks to rest his injured shoulder. Veteran signal caller Ryan Fitzpatrick will be under center for this week which may be a good thing considering that he will go up against his former team in the New York Jets. The Jets are a team that refused to pay him although he played well. Although that may be good for the Buccaneers this week, this is a sure sign that the Buccaneers are already packing it up for the season.

Defense Wins Ballgames

If defense really wains football games then why are the Jaguars being overlooked this year? The Jags are (+1250) to win the AFC and although that may seem like a longshot with the Patriots and the Steelers in conference, you would have to look at what the defense is doing. They are the No. 1 defense in touchdowns allowed and yards per pass attempts. They also lead the league in points allowed per game. The Jaguars are one of the few dark horse teams that are being overlooked this season.

Chalky Sunday

The sportsbooks are taking a beating. The favorites keep winning at an incredible rate. They have now won 18 of the last 22 game straight up and they are 13-7-2 against the spread (ATS). This should cause a drastic change in the market as favorites will be boosted even higher and sorry underdogs like the 49ers and the Browns will get even more points until the market starts to even out.

Broncos Scoring Woes

The Broncos offense is in trouble. This is clear by the fact that they have had to change quarterbacks already this season. The change top Brock Osweiler did not work and they could have yet another change. All of this inconsistency on offense has led to a low scoring first half. Against the Eagles the Broncos scored a field goal on the opening drive and that marked the first time that they scored on the first possession of the game since week two. The Broncos will have better games, but this is a team that is not to be trusted.

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