NFL Injuries: The QB Headache Week 11

nfl injuries

The NFL injuries for week 10 were bigger than usual. Every week in the NFL a player gets hurt, it’s unavoidable. The game is so physical it is eventually going to happen as players will always be in harm’s way.

Sportsbook.AGHowever week 10 was much different as several quarterbacks went down with serious injuries that can actually alter the payoff picture in the long run. Three signal callers were pulled off the field in week 10 leaving their teams without potentially the best player on the field and jeopardizing the chances of getting to the playoffs.

The San Francisco 49ers are going to make it to the playoffs but they lost starting quarterback Alex Smith to a concussion early in the game against the Rams. The game ended in a tie and the 49ers did not lose, but they will have to consider the injury that could have a lingering effect.

The Philadelphia Eagles lost their quarterback to a concussion as Michael Vick went down with an injury. Vick was replaced with rookie Nick Foles but the end result was another loss for the Eagles. The birds will most likely miss the playoffs, and could consider going into a new direction with the rookie under center and Vick looking for a new team.

Finally the Chicago Bears lost quarterback Jay Cutler to a concussion in the Sunday night football game against the Houston Texans. This could have been the most costly loss of the day as Cutler is an important part of the Bears run to the Super bowl.

Without Cutler under center the Bears will have to rely on Jason Campbell to get the job done. Campbell is a great back up but he is not at the same level of player that Cutler is.

These teams will be closely monitoring the injury reports this week to see what direction their team will be heading in the future.

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