NFL Football Betting Strategies: Going Deep


The NFL season is winding down and some teams have to gear up and win every single game left on their schedule if they hope to make the playoffs while other teams have already locked in a playoff spot and will be coasting for the rest of the season.

SportsBookWhen betting on the rest of the NFL schedule it is time to look past the regular season matchups and go deep and by going deep we mean go WAY deep. By deep we mean the depth charts. The Vegas Sportsbooks are going to look deep into these games and so should you.

The Houston Texans and the New England Patriots are locked in to the playoffs so what are they going to do with the rest of their season? Some say they are going for home-field advantage and others suggest the bye week is important. No matter what you believe in, the time is now to start looking at the backups for the key positions on teams that have already made the playoffs.

The same can be said for teams that have no shot at making the playoffs like the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have no shot at making the playoffs and it is almost a forgone conclusion that current head coach Andy Reid will be spending his last year in Philadelphia. Yet this team is still trying because young players are still getting a chance to show what they have. If they can impress now they can make an impact in the league next year.

Teams that have locked in a playoff spot may rest starters so they are not hurt for the playoffs. The Patriots lost Wes Welker in the past and the Texans were in the playoffs a year ago with Matt Schaub. This year those teams may rest as they head to the post season.

Before betting on any team from here on out in the NFL, it is important to know the game plan and the depth chart.

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