NFL Mock Draft: Washington Redskins


Last Updated: 2017-08-29

Washington RedskinsWashington Redskins Draft Targets and the No. 17 Projected Pick

The Washington Redskins look as though they are finally turning the corner. They are getting back into the NFL post season and they finally have a quarterback that is worth watching in the nation’s capital.

Kirk Cousins has proven that he can lead this team to the post season and once again the expectations are high for the Redskins and their fans. In order to be successful they have to build off what they already have and add pieces that can bring them to the next round of the NFL playoffs.

The Redskins off season up to this point has been an interesting one as the front office has had issues with Cousins and his contract and has lost productive veterans like DeSean Jackson. The outspoken wide receiver is no longer with the team and the Redskins will look to the draft to reload.

Redskins Draft Needs

The Redskins used free agency to sign an offensive player so that would mean that the draft could be used for defensive players. Although they could go on offense and take a player like Christian McCaffery the running back out of Stanford or Corey Davis the wide receiver out of Western Michigan to add another weapon to replace the departed Jackson. The Redskins have gotten better on defense in recent years but they still have some work to do.

In this draft they could easily get the best player available but they should focus on the secondary if the right player is still on the board. If they cannot grab a productive safety they could focus on beefing up the defensive front and look to bring in an elite pass rusher.

Redskins Potential Targets

The targets on the Redskins big board vary depending on what source you listen to. It is completely doubtful that he will be around but if Malik Hooker the safety out of Ohio State is still there for the taking the Redskins could pick him with this selection. If he is off the board the Redskins could build the defensive front by selecting either Haason Reddick a defensive end out of Temple or Caleb Brantley a defensive tackle out of Florida. The list will grow as the draft gets nearer and the Redskins have the potential to take Malik McDowell a beefy defensive tackle that can plug a hole for the Redskins like he did last year as a member of the Michigan State Spartans.

There is a big talent pool to choose from at this point in the draft but there is every reason to believe that the Redskins will make a defensive pick with this selection.

The Washington Redskins select….

The Redskins will pick defense and if Hooker or Jonathan Allen, the defensive end out of Alabama are still on the board, the Redskins will take one of them. Since that is not likely to happen the Redskins will instead switch their focus and select Jabrill Peppers a linebacker out of Michigan.


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