NFL Mock Draft: Miami Dolphins


Last Updated: 2017-08-29

Miami DolphinsMiami Dolphins Draft Targets and the No. 22 Projected Pick

When the Miami Dolphins entered the 2017 NFL season not much was expected from a franchise that had fallen on hard times. They were off one of the worst seasons in their magical history and they had recently fired their coach. The fans did not have faith in their quarterback of the team and it looked as though it would be another long season for a team that is now getting used to finishing second in the AFC East to the New England Patriots.

The Dolphins turned to rookie head coach Adam Gase to turn around the culture of this team and bring some success to embattled quarterback Ryan Tannenhill. If Gase received a grade for his first year as a head coach in the NFL it would have been an A+.

The Dolphins finished the season with ten wins and although they once again finished behind the Patriots in the divisional standings, they made the NFL playoffs and that is something that was not expected by the NFL experts and the fans of the fish.

The Dolphins did not last long in the NFL playoffs but they sent a message to the rest of the league that they should still be considered a good football team that can win on the field on any given Sunday. Now with the NFL draft just a few weeks away the Dolphins have to continue that success by grabbing the best player available and filling a hole on a team that is ready to step up their game and take it to the next level.

Dolphins Draft Needs

The Dolphins main needs are on the defensive side of the ball. They need a linebacker; in particular they need a strong side linebacker that will help on defense. They have several players on the field that can fill this role now, but it could be a target in the draft.

They also could use another pass rusher to go along side Ndamukong Suh and could make the Dolphins one of the best pass rushing teams in the league.

If the Dolphins decide to make a move on the offensive side of the football the best move would be to add weight up front and build the line to run the ball and protect the quarterback.

Dolphins Potential Targets

The targets on defense that the Dolphins could choose start with Jabrill Peppers out of Michigan. The converted linebacker is very athletic and will bring speed to this team to help cover that spread offense of the Patriots. If Peppers is gone the Dolphins could target TJ Watt, the linebacker out of Wisconsin. Linebacker is not the deepest spot in the draft, so the Dolphins will most likely use this pick to beef up the front line on offense.

The Miami Dolphins select….

The Miami Dolphins will select the best player available that is an offensive lineman. If Forest Lamp is still around the Dolphins will pick him unless a big name like Cam Robinson is still on the board.


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