NFL Mock Draft: Kansas City Chiefs


Last Updated: 2017-08-29

kansas city chiefsKansas City Chiefs Draft Targets and the No. 27 Projected Pick

The Kansas City Chiefs are ready to improve their team enough where they finally go to a Super Bowl. Each and every year they put a very good team on the football field and every year they seem to fall just short. This team has to improve this off season if they want to have a chance to make a Super Bowl, any kind of let down and another short season would be a problem for this team as it already looks as though their window is closing on a Super Bowl opportunity.

Last season they once again proved to be an NFL playoff team as they won the AFC West. This 12 win team finished the season on a very strong note winning five of the last six games that they played. This included two very impressive road wins over the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos.

Unfortunately they were one and done when the Chiefs lost the divisional game to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They allowed six field goals in the loss and once again were dismissed early in the playoffs. One player that is really starting to take the heat is quarterback Alex Smith. This heat plus the pressure to advance in the playoffs is hanging over the Chiefs as they try to improve in the off season.

Chiefs Draft Needs

The Chiefs have more than one hole to fill and it all starts with trying to fill the shoes of a legend. The Chiefs will no longer have Jamaal Charles in the backfield. Charles is often injured and the Chiefs got good production from Spencer Ware which made Charles expendable. Now the Chiefs may be looking to the draft to add the next potential super star.

The Chiefs could also add a quarterback. They may not admit that Smith is not getting the job done, but they do realize that they need someone else. They need a future signal caller and they could easily use this pick to get that player.

If the Chiefs go to defense then they will attempt to boost their defensive backfield by grabbing a cornerback.

Chiefs Potential Targets

The targets for the Chiefs depend on who slips down the draft board. Running back Dalvin Cook out of Florida State would be a home run pick if he is still on the board. They could also make a wide out the selection with this pick if a big name like Corey Davis out of Western Michigan is still available. The same thing could be said for a quarterback.

If DeShaun Watson is still out there he will not make it past the Chiefs. Since he is considered to be a top ten pick, the Chiefs are going to have to go elsewhere with this selection.

The Kansas City Chiefs select….

Unlike other teams, the Chiefs are not going to wait to get a quarterback. If Watson or Mitchell Trubisky are around the Chiefs will grab them but the most likely pick will be Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback out of Texas Tech.

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