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Hey, let’s take a look at a couple of the NFL Draft props at BetOnline that have to do with the possibility of trades.

Will Jimmy Garoppolo be traded during Round 1?

No -400
Yes +250

I do not think that Garoppolo will be traded DURING the first round, unless the Patriots came with an offer in the event that Justin Fields wasn’t available for them. What I see as the more likely scenario is that Garoppolo is the starter for the 2021 season, while Mac Jones (or somebody else) gets his feet wet.

Remember that the Niners are just one season removed from being one quarter away from a Super Bowl championship. And no team had a chance to compete with as many injuries as San Francisco had to deal with last year (including Jimmy G). I mean, their situation was one of the worst anyone’s seen in the last decade.

It’s hard to see them going to the rookie right away, although Jones is considered to be mature enough and NFL “ready.” Not that I think they would be hesitant to deal Garoppolo if they thought the situation absolutely called for it. Then they could have a quarterback competition that would also include Josh Rosen, who they have under contract.

Here’s another BetOnline prop:

Will the Falcons trade the No. 4 overall pick?

No -250
Yes +170

This is the fascinating part. What the Falcons do with this pick is going to dictate what everybody else does from that point forward.

Obviously there are some teams that would like to be in this position. And it will be critical for GM Terry Fontenot and coach Arthur Smith, both in their first year, to make the right move.

It is said that with a quarterback like Matt Ryan, who can still produce, picking a quarterback here would be more or less a “luxury” pick. That selection would sit behind Ryan and develop. But that presupposes Ryan will retire soon. Will he?

There are other things the Falcons can do with this pick. They could pick the best offensive lineman (Penei Sewell of Oregon), a wide receiver like Jaylen Waddle, who could enable them to supplement Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones (who in particular is getting up in age), or tight end Kyle Pitts.

I did a mock draft and had Trey Lance, quarterback from North Dakota State, slotted here. He’s athletic and a “project” of sorts, so he’d fit into a succession plan behind Ryan. But they could trade this pick as well, and if they did it’s quite possible that the recipient would be interested in Lance, lest they get shut out.

The trade partner would have to give them multiple draft assets in return, in all likelihood. All along, the rumors have been that Denver was the team that would make the move. But the Broncos just traded for Teddy Bridgewater. How much do they want to crowd that quarterback room?

Still, there is probably enough of an interest in Lance – and especially with questions now surrounding Justin Fields – that teams toward the middle to the back of the first round might be willing to overpay to move all the way up.

My instinct is that the Falcons won’t trade the pick, but the +170 on the “Yes” comes closer to giving us some value than the -250 on the “No.”

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