NFL Consensus Report: Finding Winners in Week 9


The NFL Consensus report is a helpful tool that every football handicapper should use when looking for winners on the NFL schedule. The schedule for week 9 is no exception.

The handicapper should look at all of the games on the schedule and compare the consensus report. The smartest football bettors do not want to bet on the same side of the public and the NFL consensus will actually highlight where the public money is going.

VietBet.comThis week in the NFL the Houston Texans are currently getting the most attention from the public for a home team. In the latest report covering public betting, the Texans are getting over 70 percent of the public money on this game. The Texans are double digit favorites over the Buffalo Bills, as the Texans are dropping ten points.

Despite the high number of the public on the Texans they are not the team getting the most overall attention in the NFL. That privilege belongs to the Detroit Lions. The Lions are getting nearly 74 percent of the public action. The Lions are on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars and are currently 3.5 point favorites.

The Jaguars are one of the worst teams in the NFL this year but they are still playing very tough football. They are not giving up and they gave the Green Bay Packers all they could handle in the road last week. Now at home against an inconsistent football team in the Lions, they may be a tempting wager for the football handicapper willing to take a chance on the Jaguars.

The Lions and the Texans are the two top teams getting bet on by the public, but there are other teams on the list. The Ravens, Broncos, bears, and Buccaneers are also public favorites in week 9.

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