NFL Consensus Preview and Pick For Week 2

NFL Consensus Pick

When betting on football the consensus report has grown into a very valuable tool and that is why every week here at Bang the Book we will go over the consensus report for that particular week and pick out a game that stands out above the rest.

In week two of the NFL the schedule has plenty of intriguing games that are highlighted. It starts on Thursday with the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears and wraps up on Monday night football with the anticipated game between the Atlanta Falcons and the new-look Denver Broncos.

There are several games that are getting plenty of early betting action. The New England Patriots are getting over 70 percent of the consensus as they host the Arizona Cardinals in the first game at Foxboro.

There are also several road underdogs that are getting plenty of betting action as the Ravens are getting over 60 percent against the Eagles and Kansas City getting 61 percent over the Buffalo Bills. The New York Jets are getting 56 percent of the action although they are on the road against a talented Pittsburgh team, but the game that stands out the most is a game in the NFC South.

The New Orleans Saints travel to Carolina to battle the Panthers and are getting up to 80 percent of the action. Drew Brees and the Saints were upset in week one losing to the Redskins, but it has not stopped the public from backing the road team.

The Panthers lost in week one to Tampa Bay, but they still have Cam Newton and plenty of talent on offense that can take advantage of a suspect Saints defense that was shredded by rookie Robert Griffin III in the opener.

The Panthers are the anti-consensus play for week two in the NFL.

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