• Late Season NFL Betting

    This is the time of the year when most sports bettors struggle when wagering in the NFL. The season is winding down and it’s not as easy as just wagering on the teams that are in the playoff hunt. There is so much more to look at when betting late in the season in the worlds most popular sports to wager on. This article will cover why it is so difficult to wager late in the season and how to find the right angles this late in the season. The article will use examples from this year and still game to look at down the road with two weeks remaining that could assist a sports bettor in making money just in time for the playoffs.

    What’s the difference?—There is a huge different in wagering on NFL football during the regular season and in the few weeks when the season is winding down. The difference is simple. In the beginning of the season every team has hope. That could be deadly as every team is hopeful with the promise of a new season and a chance to go all the way. At the end of the season the teams mostly know if they have a chance to go to the playoffs and some of them still have reasons to play while others mail it in.

    How can you tell? –It’s not easy to tell the difference between teams that still have something to play above and beyond the obvious but there are signs that you may see that will help out.

    Revenge—this week the Cowboys were still playing for home field advantage while the Eagles were playing for nothing, yet the Eagles came into Dallas and beat them, because they still had motivation after getting stomped earlier in the year. Revenge is a strong motive even if you are out of the playoffs.

    Protect your turf—the fact that you may be out of the playoffs does not mean you want roll over at home. It’s embarrassing at home to lose and to lose badly so at any given time a home team will not give up the good fight. A perfect example was this week when a Carolina team that barely had playoff hopes alive fought off and beat a Seattle team that was in the battle for home field.

    Win total—its easy to spot a team that has given up, take a look at the wins they have. If they have three wins or less they are not used to winning and can throw in the towel barring any good side stories that may make a difference.

    Side stories—this time of year it is more important than ever to just read the newspaper. Side notes that are hidden in a reporter’s blog should now be headlines for the sports bettor. Little things can make all the difference. If a team has given up on the season but are letting younger kids play they will try harder and in turn not give up on the season. A perfect example was San Francisco starting a third string QB and the team wanting to play well to give him a win when he rarely gets a chance to start.

    So what’s left?—With two weeks left there is still plenty of time to see the teams that need it for playoff reasons, but its harder to dig up the teams that still will play even if they don’t need it. Make sure to do your research on teams and look for the little differences that will motivate a team this late in the season to play well on Sunday. Stop by www.bangthebook.com and get all of the last minute information to make a profit late in the NFL Season!