The Super Bowl props involving Lady Gaga and Giselle Bundchen will get a lot of attention from the media but they don’t generate much action with bettors. Football fans could care less about celebrity props unless they have some inside information to go on. What bettors like is betting on who will win the Super Bowl MVP, who will score the first touchdown, the longest field goal, etc. And if bettors are going to bet on a prop that is “outside” of the game itself they are more likely to bet the coin toss than anything else.  Let’s look at some of the popular props for Super Bowl LI between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

MVP Odds

One of the most popular Super Bowl props every year is who will win the MVP. The two quarterbacks almost always have the lowest odds and that is the case again in Super Bowl LI with Tom Brady at -150 and Matt Ryan at +120. If you think that one of the two quarterbacks won’t win the award then there is a lot of value as you can get almost every other player at double-digit odds including players like Chris Hogan at 20-1 and Taylor Gabriel at 50-1. If you think a defensive player is going to be the MVP then you can go for Vic Beasley at 30-1 or one of the New England players at 80-1 or 100-1.

First Player to Score TD Odds

The first player to score a touchdown is always popular because many of the players are listed with double-digit odds. The favorite is Julio Jones with odds of 7-1 while Devonta Freeman, Julian Edelman and LeGarrette Blount are listed at 8-1. All of the other players are listed with odds of 12-1 or more.  There is some good value on players like Martellus Bennett at odds of 12-1 and Mohamed Sanu at odds of 14-1.

Other Popular Super Bowl Props

A simple, but popular prop every year is the shortest TD prop. The over/under is always set at 1.5 yards which makes it a very entertaining prop when teams get close to the goal line.

The longest field goal is always a popular prop and the yardage total for this year is a big one with the number at 47.5 yards.

Not to be forgotten is the coin toss with the odds at -110 each way. You might be interested to know that in the previous 50 Super Bowls it is nearly 50-50 with Tails coming up 26 times while Heads has come up 24 times.

Another popular prop is whether the first score of the game will be a TD or any other score. Bettors always like to bet on the any other score at plus money.

Bettors also like to take the longshots in the Super Bowl of will there be a safety at plus money, will there be a successful two-point conversion at plus money and will the game go into overtime at plus money. Never has the game gone into overtime so that one is definitely overdue.

And not to be left out is the passing yards for both quarterbacks. The number on Brady is 305.5 with the over at -125 while the number on Ryan is 310.5 with the over at -125.