NFL Betting Odds – 2012 Win Totals

2012 nfl odds

NFL Betting Trends- 2012 Win Totals

The odds for winning next season’s AFC and NFC Championship as well as Super Bowl XLVII have already been released, but most  sportsbooks will wait until later in the year to release odds for each NFL team’s projected win total for the upcoming regular season. They normally wait until the Oddsmakers have had a thorough opportunity to take into consideration the impact of player movement in the league through free agency, trades, and the college draft.

BetOnline has decided to throw caution to the wind and give you a shot at wagering on the ‘over/under’ of how many games each team will win before we even know where players such as Peyton Manning and Drew Brees will be playing next year. This presents a golden opportunity to pull out our crystal ball to uncover the value in some of the numbers.

Right off the bat, if you are one of those die-hard Indianapolis fans who fully expects to see Manning lineup under center for the Colts on opening day, then you might want to hurry up and jump all over the ‘over’ on 6.5 wins. The fact that this number is set so low has to tell that his days in Indy are over and owner Jim Irsay has all intentions of handing the keys to the franchise over to his new starting quarterback, Andrew Luck, who is set to be the first overall pick in the draft.

If you are crazy enough to think that New Orleans would let Drew Brees get anywhere near free agency by not slapping the ‘franchise tag’ on him if a long-term deal cannot be reached, then by all means feel free to take full advantage of the ‘under’ on a generous win total of 11.5 games. Contract talks are reportedly going nowhere fast between the two sides, but you can rest assured that Brees will be the Saints on opening day.

Some of the more difficult predictions could be with the two that just played one another in Super Bowl XLVI. The win total for the defending Super Champion New York Giants is 10. This appears to be a dead-on call as there is a strong possibility that this team turns in a 10-6 record next season. The Giants have won at least eight games in the last seven seasons and have won 10 or more games four times. After winning the Super Bowl in 2008, New York posted just eight wins the following season, which gives the slight edge to the ‘under’, but this one is just too close to call.

The win total for the New England Patriots is 11.5 games. The last time that the Patriots won less than 11 games was in 2009 when they went 10-6. This also happened to be the season after they lost to the Giants the first time they met in the Super Bowl. New England has won less than 10 games just once since 2001, so this is another tough call. If you feel compelled to make a wager anyway, lean towards the ‘under’, given the past history of the record the following season for the team that lost the Super Bowl.

If you are one of those fans out there that swears that Tim Tebow is the real deal and savior of the Denver franchise, then you will definitely want to go ‘over’ on the projected win total of 6.5 games for the Broncos. The money line for these odds say the opposite as it will cost you -150 to take the ‘under’.

Every season there are always a few sleeper teams that rise out of nowhere to shock the betting world. From least to most, here are the teams that have the lowest win total for next season. We are just going to list them, it is up to you to decide which teams are no-brainers on the ‘over’ play.

Cleveland Browns: 5.5, St. Louis Rams: 5.5, Arizona Cardinals: 6.0, Buffalo Bills; 6.0, Jacksonville Jaguars: 6.0, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6.0, and the Washington Redskins: 6.0


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