NFL Betting By the Numbers: Week 13 Numbers Of Note

NFL Betting Numbers

When you bet on the NFL, you should know all about the numbers. Numbers for stats, numbers for trends, numbers for betting lines, numbers for ‘totals’ – You should know it all. Here at Bang the Book, we are set to talk about the football betting lines for Week 13. Here are the most important numbers that you need to remember for the week!

2: The number of rushing touchdowns that the Green Bay Packers have all season long. That’s really uncharacteristic of a team like this that puts so many points on the board, especially with a quarterback that has proven to be mobile enough to score down by the goal line. The last rushing touchdown the team scored was way back in Week 5 against the Indianapolis Colts. The good news, though. The Minnesota Vikings allowed two rushing TDs last week against RB Michael Bush and the Chicago Bears.

3.08: The number of yards per carry that the Pittsburgh Steelers’ running backs have averaged over the course of the last three weeks. In that stretch, the team as a whole has had just three runs that went for more than 11 yards. One of those runs went for 31 yards by QB Byron Leftwich, and one of those runs went for 14 yards by QB Ben Roethlisberger. Needless to say, it’s a sad state of affairs right now for the Steelers, and that doesn’t even include this next stat yet…

6: The number of different players that turned the ball over last week for the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Cleveland Browns. Many want to pin the blame on QB Charlie Batch, but that just wouldn’t be all that fair to do when push comes to shove. Yes, Batch threw three picks, but he didn’t commit any of the eight total fumbles or the five lost fumbles that the Steelers had against a then 2-8 team. Remarkably, all four of Pittsburgh’s rushers lost a fumble on the day, and as a result, none of the four got more than nine carries. WR Emmanuel Sanders also lost a fumble to boot.

6.9: The number of yards per pass attempt that QB Colin Kaepernick averaged when he took on the St. Louis Rams in his very first extended action as the main man for the San Francisco 49ers. Since that point, Kaepernick has performed significantly better, but when push came to shove, he couldn’t beat the relatively lowly Rams at home in his first full game. This is a chance to get some payback, and perhaps as a starter, the Nevada product will be in a heck of a lot better shape, knowing that he is 2-0 as the man from the get go, including that win last week over the New Orleans Saints.

10.5: The number of points that the Dallas Cowboys are favored by this week over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football. It’s the biggest point spread on the Week 13 odds, and it is really the one game that we don’t see much doubt as to who the winner really is. The Eagles are a mess right now with both QB Michael Vick and RB LeSean McCoy out of the lineup, and now, WR DeSean Jackson is on IR as well. Dallas absolutely has to have this game to stay in the playoff chase in the NFC East, and it is laying so many, not just because it is at home, but because it won in the City of Brotherly Love by 15 points when these two teams met the first time.

12.3: The number of points per game that the San Diego Chargers have scored since halftime of the game against the Denver Broncos… the first time around. That’s 5.5 games with the San Diego offense essentially being inept, putting up numbers that would make even the Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars blush. If the Bolts don’t turn this around, Head Coach Norv Turner will just have to be fired, and QB Philip Rivers might ultimately be sent packing in the end as well.

15.2: The number of offensive points per game that the New York Jets have scored since dropping 48 on the Buffalo Bills in Week 1. That’s right, New York fans. Your team really has been that bad, and it’s worse than the season long numbers suggest. QB Mark Sanchez has been a nightmare this year, and things are so bad that even Fireman Ed has quit on the club. And to think… RB Shonn Greene had a big game against the Indianapolis Colts. Take that effort by itself away from the Jets, and they’d be under 13 points per game offensively.

18: The number of wins that the Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Buffalo Bills have combined. What do those teams have in common? They’re all teams that have lost to the Indianapolis Colts over the course of the last six weeks. That’s why Indy is getting such little respect as a 4.5-point underdog when it goes on the road this weekend to take on the Detroit Lions. Granted, Detroit has just four wins as well, but this team has a lot more talent than most of the squads that the Colts have been beaten of late.

29: The number of points that the Cincinnati Bengals have given up in their last three games. Granted, they haven’t played much in terms of competition in those outings outside of the New York Giants, but they have done a fantastic job on this side of the ball. They’ve got the second highest sack total in the league this year in spite of the fact that they really don’t have a superior pass rusher, and they are starting to really get it together. Remember that this was a Cincinnati team that was left for dead a few weeks ago when it was on a four-game skid, but as we have seen quite a bit over the course of the last month or so, any team that can string a couple of wins together can get itself back in the discussion to get into the playoffs in either conference.

36.5: The number of points in the ‘total’ for the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals. Why? It’s easy. QB Ryan Lindley is a third string quarterback that has absolutely no business starting at this point in his career, and QB Mark Sanchez rightfully should be nothing more than a career backup. These two teams have had all sorts of problems putting points on the board consistently, and they have both been a joke and a half in the red zone. Even if there are plenty of yards and plenty of chances down in the red zone, getting those points three at a time isn’t going to help issues when it comes to getting to this ‘total’.

55.5: The number of points in the ‘total’ for the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons. Very predictably, that’s the highest ‘total’ of the weekend, and it is one that should be very reachable between two offensive minded teams. The Saints would have a hard time stopping a team full of mascots right now, and Matty Ice and the gang have accounted for over 340 passing yards in each of the last four games, including throwing for over 400 when these two met the first time around.

64.3: The number representing the percentage of away favorites that have covered the spread over the course of the last five weeks. We’ve spoken about this before, and we still think that it is remarkable that that trend is holding up. The sportsbook are having a heck of a time, as a huge percentage of the public is beating up the books of late, but for the season, away dogs are still coming in 59.4% of the time. Keep a very close eye on this trend as this week progresses, knowing that there are six more road favorites on the board on Sunday (and Monday).

173:47: The number of minutes and seconds since the Kansas City Chiefs scored a touchdown. The team has stuck around in games because of its defense, but in the end, this offense really is the worst in the league and has the most parts that it needs to replace in the offseason. WR Dwayne Bowe is a free agent here soon, and he’s busy getting his picture taken with QB Peyton Manning after the game, and RB Jamaal Charles is busy getting an autograph from Manning. Why is Manning so popular with the stars in Kansas City? Because the team knows just how bad it is offensively, and even No. 18 wouldn’t be able to salvage that situation.

457.0: The number of yards per game that the New England Patriots have averaged against the Miami Dolphins over the course of the last seven games in this series. In six of those seven games, the team had at least 400 total yards, and if you take out a 265-yard showing in a 41-14 game in 2010 where the defense and special teams just couldn’t stop scoring, the average yardage was over 500 per game. Miami’s defense allowed 400 yards in the last meeting between these two, but this is just the first of two meetings this year of these two teams.

484: The number of yards that WR Cecil Shorts and WR Justin Blackmon have come up with over the course of the last two weeks for the Jacksonville Jaguars. What makes that so impressive? The fact that these two combined for just 811 yards over the course of the rest of the season combined. It is clear that with QB Chad Henne running the show, the Jacksonville offense is in a heck of a lot better shape than it ever was with QB Blaine Gabbert, a surefire sign that Gabbert is going to be on his way out when push comes to shove.

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