NBA Totals Free Picks March 20


Last Updated: 2017-03-20

nba totals picksWe won our opinion game yesterday, although had to sweat it out in the fourth quarter a little at the end. Totals have dropped a bit in the past few weeks, as we have yet another day without a system play, as a couple of games just fell short.

Philadelphia at Orlando: Another game where the math points to the under and the points per possession is calling for the game to just land over the total. Both teams are expected to have more than 100 possessions and even though neither team typically does much with them, the unadjusted projection was 212, making this one a pass, as we have conflicting opinions.

Atlanta at Charlotte: We had quick disagreement on this one between our first two systems, making this one a quick pass.
Utah at Indiana: Another game with disagreement, making it a fairly quick pass. The Pacers are 7-7-1 in totals in back-to-back games, just 3-12 ATS.

Washington at Boston: The total on this one came out late, but is at 215, which is right on our first projection and makes this one a quick pass. All the other numbers are calling for an over, although with Thomas questionable, it’s probably best to stay away from this one regardless. The Celtics have gone 9-5-1 in totals when playing for the second consecutive day but are in the midst of a 4-16-2 totals run.

Denver at Houston: Another game where the total wasn’t released until later in the morning. The game opened at 237.5 and was bet down to 236.5, which makes it a pass for us due to conflicting opinions.

Golden State at Oklahoma City: An interesting game that jumped up to 223 in the middle of the morning. The Thunder have gotten thumped by the Warriors this season, focusing too much attention on the whole Kevin Durant ordeal. Tonight they have a chance to just play basketball and should give a better showing than they have so far, but we still have conflicting opinions and will pass.

New York at Clippers: The total here has moved to 216.5, but is still 1 points short of being an under play. While the Clippers get a lot of attention for Blake Griffin’s dunks and all that, they’re pretty solid defensively at home. The Clippers are 15-8 after a double-digit win, so will stay away from this one.

If I had to make some sort of play today, I’d look at the Hawks under, but it’s a token opinion, if that, as it’s probably best to stay away from this card completely.

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