There may be no more exciting time for the basketball fan then right now. There is wall to wall basketball every day as the top teams in the league are battling it out to stay alive, advance and have the right to play in the NBA Finals. The last team standing will be crowned champions and raise a banner.

If you are a basketball fan and a basketball bettor than now is the best time to be alive. With so many games and even more betting options, the NBA playoffs are awesome! However if you are going to fully enjoy the NBA playoff experience you need to be playing at a one of a kind sports betting site that is ready for this time of the year.

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They have an incredible sportsbook that is ready to go for the NBA Playoffs. Galaxy Sportsbook offers all of the great sports wagering services that include options to bet on all major US and International sports. Galaxy also offers live in progress betting so you can get in the action as it unfolds for nearly every sport type which includes the NBA Playoffs as it allows members the flexibility to wager throughout entire events as they unfold. Galaxy carters to members of all sizes as they offer up limits that make all players feel welcomed when they play at Galaxy.

It does not matter if you think the 73 win Golden State Warriors will be ready to repeat as NBA Champions or if you think that another team will emerge to challenge for the crown, the betting options are up at Galaxy Sports.

You can bet on each game and you can even bet on halves or quarters,  but you can also bet on futures for each team to see who will win the series or even which team will win the championship. Galaxy Sports has more wagering options than most sports betting sites when it comes to the NBA Playoffs. If you love basketball and you love the NBA playoffs then you need to open up an account and bet on basketball at Galaxy Sports!