NBA DFS Lineup Targets Jan 20

Nine games makes for a fairly hefty NBA schedule on a Friday night. There should be more variance than there was last night with only five games, so this slate should take a little more research. There are several stars priced above $10k, but there is also plenty to like in the midrange on both FanDuel and Draft Kings. These are five of my top targets on both sites this evening.


NBA Daily League Value Buys Jan 20

Following Thursday’s five-game slate Friday brings nine games in the Association. LeBron James was the most expensive player on the board last night, but tonight’s schedule brings a slew of players priced above $10k on both FanDuel and Draft Kings. Several of the games have big implied totals, but nothing comes close to the massive over/under of 237 on the Houston-Golden State game. There should be plenty of fantasy goodness out there tonight, so let’s get right into it. The following are five value plays to consider tonight.


Five NBA Value Buys NBA DFS 1/19

Thursday brings us just five games in the NBA, though there is still a good amount of injury news to keep an eye on. The Knicks may be very shorthanded without Kristaps Porzingis, Lance Thomas (both doubtful) and Joakim Noah (questionable), while the Nuggets will be missing both Gary Harris and Wilson Chandler. Kevin Love is also questionable for the Cavs. This figures to open up some solid value somewhere, so let’s find it. These are five solid cheap plays to consider on FanDuel and Draft Kings.


5 NBA Player Targets - Optimal Lineup DFS 1/19/17

Five games on the NBA schedule tonight means there will not be a ton of variance out there. While there isn’t a true stud like a Westbrook, Harden or Davis out there tonight, folks will still flock toward high-priced guys like LeBron James, John Wall and Karl-Anthony Towns. There is a good amount of intrigue when it comes to the mid-tier options on this slate, so trying to stack your lineups with expensive plays may not be totally necessary. The following are some of my favorite plays at each position on Draft Kings and FanDuel.


NBA DFS Lineup Targets Jan 13

There is plenty to sift through on a night with nine games on the NBA schedule. Just about every position is fairly deep tonight, so be sure to flush out all of your options before finding the lineup you like the best. It's also a night with Russell Westbrook, DeMarcus Cousins, James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo all in action. The following are five of my favorite plays tonight on both FanDuel and Draft Kings.


Value Buys NBA DFS Lineup Help 1/13

There are nine games on the NBA schedule for Friday, which is the biggest slate we've seen in a couple of weeks. There are four players priced above $10 on both FanDuel and Draft Kings with several more stars listed at $8k and above. You will have to save some salary at a few spots if you want to squeeze a few of these guys in together. So, here are a few cheap options to consider tonight. 


NBA DFS Lineup Targets 1/12/17

There are five games on the main slate on Thursday night, with Anthony Davis (and Kevin Durant on FanDuel) being the only players costing more than $10k. Davis is questionable to play against the Nets with a hip problem, though, so keep your eye on that news as the day progresses. There are still plenty of appealing options at each position, so here are five of my favorite plays on the board on FanDuel and Draft Kings tonight. 


Value Buys NBA DFS Lineup Help 1/12/17

There are six games on the NBA schedule for Thursday, but only five of them appear on the main slate. Nuggets-Pacers is going down in London this afternoon starting at 3pm ET. As a result we won't be touching on that game in this space. Each of the other five contests look enticing enough, though, so let's get to it. Here are five inexpensive options to consider on FanDuel and Draft Kings tonight. 


Value Buys NBA DFS Jan 10

Tuesday brings us eight games in the NBA, and already we have plenty of injury news. Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade and Avery Bradley are already out, while Trevor Booker, Jon Leuer and Eric Gordon are questionable. Nicolas Batum is also doubtful. These notes have already opened up plenty of value all over the board, so let's hop right in. These are five strong cheap plays to consider tonight on FanDuel and Draft Kings.


NBA Lineup Targets 1/10 - Daily Leagues

On the heels of Monday's weird three-game slate, the NBA brings us eight games on Tuesday night. That's more like it. Monday was hectic with a slew of late-breaking inactive news, most notably Derrick Rose's unexplained last-minute scratch for the Knicks. That knocked plenty of people out before the games even got underway, so it was an odd night all around. Here's hoping Tuesday night is easier. There is plenty to get to, though, so here are five of my favorite plays on both FanDuel and Draft Kings.


NBA DFS Lineup Targets - 1/9/17

Despite only three games on the NBA schedule tonight there are still a few expensive studs on the board. Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Karl Towns and Jimmy Butler are all in action, and one popular strategy will be to try and cram two or three of them into the same lineup and hope for the best. You know the deal by now, though. You don't need me to tell you to play Russell Westbrook, because that's obvious. He's the top play on the board, and I'll willingly shell out the $12k-plus to get him. Here are five other strong options to consider on FanDuel and Draft Kings.


NBA Daily Lineup Value Buys 1/9/17

Following a week full of healthy seven- and eight-game slates, the NBA gives us only three contests with which to work on Monday night. That doesn't figure to leave us a ton of wiggle room, but each of the three games could be fantasy friendly. There won't be a ton of great value out there with so few games, but we can sift through the rubble and try to find you a few decent cheap options on FanDuel and Draft Kings.

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