Monday Night Football Props At BetDSI For Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys

Monday Night Football Pick

The last two teams of the week to kick it off on Monday Night Football betting action this week are the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears. Check out some of the NFL prop bets that are available at BetDSI, as we analyze the betting lines and see which sides to play.

Score in the First 6:30 of the Game (-120): This is really just an NFL prop in which we are going to play the percentages. The Bears have scored twice in the first four and a half minutes of game play in their first three games of the year, and the Cowboys have given up two scores in three games in the first five minutes of game time this year. First off, rule of thumb has it that Dallas, at some point, is going to score first in a game and is going to get that first score at some point before the 8:30 mark of the first stanza. Secondly, we do think that the fireworks are going to fly right away in this one. Both teams have the extra time to prepare for the game, and both quarterbacks are going to want to prove that they have what it takes to get the job done against the other. Expect to see someone find the end zone early on Monday.

Jay Cutler Over 19.5 Completions (-115): Life has been rough on QB Jay Cutler, and this is going to be no exception whatsoever on Monday. He has been under just a ton of pressure, and LB DeMarcus Ware is going to be after him from the sound of the first gun on Monday. However, we have to be realistic here about Cutler’s numbers. Yes, he has averaged just 16.3 completions per game this year, and yes, he is only averaging putting the ball in the air 31 times per game. However, he historically has averaged a ton more than that, and he isn’t going to be completing just 52.7 percent of his passes for the year as he has done thus far on the campaign. He probably won’t be picked off twice, as he has averaged this year, and in the end, he’ll probably get to at least 20 completions against a secondary that just isn’t all that great.

Tony Romo Touchdown Passes Over 1.5 (-130): Again, it feels like the oddsmakers are just overreacting to what they have seen over the course of the last two weeks. Romo has had a miserable time trying to work the ball up the field to anyone aside from WR Kevin Ogletree from the first week of the season. However, we know that good ol’ No. 8 is going to find the end zone in this one at least once, and probably at least twice. Remember, last year he had 31 TDs in 16 times, and over the course of his time as a full-time starter, he has averaged 1.91 touchdown passes per game. Romo has all of the weapons at his disposal as well, and though this is one of the toughest defenses in the league to try to throw the ball against, particularly deep, we have a hard time believing that he isn’t capable of getting to two touchdown passes at least say, 60% of the time.

Brandon Marshall Under 69.5 Receiving Yards: Here’s the reality of the fact with Marshall: He just isn’t the same man that he was when he was matched up with Cutler in Denver. Everyone got all excited when he had nine catches for 119 yards and a TD against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1, but since that point, the former Central Florida Golden Knight has a total of seven catches for 95 yards and nary a sniff of the end zone. In the end, what we’ve learned is that Cutler isn’t going to be able to work the ball up the field to him, and the more physical corners in the league that he has run up across have been able to shut him down. Now add in the fact that Dallas has such an aggressive front seven that will force Cutler to get the ball out of his hands in a hurry and parlay that with the fact that Cutler is just atrocious on Monday nights in general, and the makings are there for Marshall to have a brutally disappointing game.

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