2016 World Series MLB Odds and Picks

The Kansas City Royals won the World Series for the first time since 1985 during the 2015 season. As a relatively new kid on the block, they made a stunning run as the American League wild card to go to the 2014 World Series. They lost in seven games, but they got revenge against the New York Mets last year. It was the first World Series without the San Francisco Giants, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis


2016 American League Pennant MLB Odds

The American League is very wide open, but oddsmakers only believe a certain number of teams can win it. That’s why there are some very enticing AL futures odds prices for consideration. The hardest part about narrowing down the field is that most people believe that 14 of the 15 teams can make it to the playoffs. Oakland is the only team being written off on a consistent basis.{AdSpeed:Zone:779


2016 National League Pennant MLB Odds

The National League Pennant is up for grabs, but only a certain number of teams have a reasonable shot at winning it. Unlike the American League, where anyone can be on the right side of luck and variance, only six or seven teams have a real, legitimate shot at a trip to the World Series. With one clear favorite and a few other teams in the second tier, there are quite a few options at a reasonabl


2016 American League East Division MLB Odds

The American League East is one of the oldest divisions in Major League Baseball, but a lot of the veterans in this division have aged like a fine wine. The scary thing about two of the American League divisions is that no finishing order would come as a surprise. The Boston Red Sox have finished last in three of the last four seasons and could do it again. Or, they could win the division and the


2016 American League Central Division MLB Odds

You might have a better shot at picking Powerball numbers than picking the finishing order of the American League Central Division for 2016. This could be the most competitive division in baseball, although, not in a “three teams win 97+ games” kind of way. There are a low of teams in this division with low floors, in that nobody should lose 90 games, but there’s a distinct possibility that


2016 American League West Division MLB Odds

In terms of the divisions in the American League, the AL West looks like a foregone conclusion from an odds standpoint. With the favorites in the +170 to +190 range in the AL East and AL Central, the West looks a lot different. This was a captivating division race last season between the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers. Texas won, drawing the heavy-hitting Toronto Blue Jays in the first round


2016 National League East Division MLB Odds

It is a two-horse race in the National League East this season. The reigning National League champion New York Mets and the Washington Nationals are really the only teams that have a chance in the division and the odds certainly reflect that. A tale of two seasons for the Mets in 2015 energized a fan base that needed something to celebrate. Another injury-riddled year in the nation’s capital lef


2016 National League Central Division MLB Odds

The Chicago Cubs are an overwhelming favorite for everything. Check with your local or your favorite offshore. They’re probably favored to win the Super Bowl and the gold medal in synchronized swimming in the upcoming Olympics in Rio. Anthony Rizzo may even be favored to be the next President. In any event, as the American Pharoah of the three-horse race in the National League Central, the Cubs


2016 National League West Division MLB Odds

The National League West was probably the busiest division this offseason. Everybody got in the act with some pretty significant transactions. The Los Angeles Dodgers were looking to hit a home run this winter, but some unforeseen developments kept them from doing that. A key player in this division changed uniforms and the other teams spent in free agency or acquired some important assets via tra


2016 Arizona Diamondbacks Over Under Win Total Analysis

It seems appropriate that the Arizona Diamondbacks play at Chase Field, because chasing is what they’ve been doing for a while now in the National League West. They made some significant transactions this past winter in an attempt to close the gap. Not everybody is convinced that they will work and oddsmakers showed their reluctance to believe in teams that “won the offseason” by setting the

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