In my quest to bring you the best preseason baseball betting coverage in the business, I realized a few things. There was a way to streamline my MLB season win totals and make them a little bit shorter and easier to read by altering the format. Unfortunately, anytime you make something shorter, it comes at the expense of content and analysis.

In the past, my season win totals have touched more on individual players, their expected production, and their past performances. Cutting some of that out of the MLB Betting Guide for season win totals did shorten those previews, but it created more of a “general overview” feel.

Some of the information in there can certainly carry over to the regular season, but there wasn’t as much detailed analysis of individual players and individual team-specific betting angles. That’s not to say that I’m disappointed with how the MLB Betting Guide came out by any means, but simply to say that I changed the format and the focus.

In trying to figure out how to fill that void, I decided to put together somewhere between a page or two on all 30 MLB teams with some pitchers and players to watch, some betting tips to consider, and some things that you can use on a daily basis to gain advantages over the sportsbooks.

There are a lot of trends in Major League Baseball that bettors need to be aware of and those are things that I can elaborate on with this separate set of articles. I can address some of those developments and also ways to attack them that make sense. I can also look at players that are making changes that should be beneficial to their respective teams and also expand a little bit more on some of the things mentioned in the MLB Betting Guide.

In concert with that publication, which you can find here on BangTheBook’s website with the individual articles, here in PDF form, and on Amazon as a Kindle e-book, you will be fully prepared for the 2019 MLB season.

Many of the concepts on these team pages will show up in my daily MLB Betting Picks article right here at BTB. We’ll look to use them to our advantage early and often as the markets and these teams settle in for the long haul of 162 games over 187 days.

Here are the team pages:

AL East

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees

Tampa Bay Rays

Toronto Blue Jays


AL Central

Chicago White Sox

Cleveland Indians

Detroit Tigers

Kansas City Royals

Minnesota Twins


AL West

Houston Astros

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Oakland A’s

Seattle Mariners

Texas Rangers


NL East

Atlanta Braves

Miami Marlins

New York Mets

Philadelphia Phillies

Washington Nationals


NL Central

Chicago Cubs

Cincinnati Reds

Milwaukee Brewers

Pittsburgh Pirates

St. Louis Cardinals


NL West

Arizona Diamondbacks

Colorado Rockies

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Diego Padres

San Francisco Giants