League of Legends 2018 NA LCS Spring Split Week Two Odds & Betting Preview

Last Updated: 2018-02-23

The first week of the NA LCS Spring Split brought us plenty of surprises. Perhaps the biggest shock was the failure of two of the biggest brands in North America to win a match. Team SoloMid was run over by Team Liquid in its first match and was unable to beat Flyquest in its second outing. Meanwhile, Counter Logic Gaming was handled by both Cloud9 and 100 Thieves in the first week. What will the second week of action have in store for us?

League of Legends 2018 NA LCS Spring Split Week Two Betting Odds

Counter Logic Gaming -152                                                          Clutch Gaming +114

CLG may have upgraded its support position in a big way, but it was clear that Stixxay and Biofrost still need to learn how to work together. The duo had some issues with coordination in the first week and those will take some time to work out. Reignover’s play in the jungle was the biggest concern. CLG prioritized two strong junglers for him in Sejuani and Rengar, and he struggled on both. That’s not a good sign.

The only reason CLG is the favorite here is because of the name. Clutch Gaming has a solid mid laner in Febiven and a major advantage in the jungle. Lira is one of the most innovative junglers in League of Legends and will punish Reignover.

Team SoloMid -213                                                                         OpTic Gaming +157

Even though they disappointed the first week, I am still very high on TSM’s prospects. Zven and mithy did not get off to a promising start in the bottom lane, but neither did anyone else not named Bjergsen. In particular, their communication with jungler MikeYeung looked off, and that led to them being exposed a little too much.

PowerOfEvil might be able to hold his own with Bjergsen in the mid lane, but TSM has an advantage at every other position. Zig might just be the worst top laner in the league and LemonNation is a little past his prime as a support player. OpTic is going to be overwhelmed here.

Cloud9 -118                                                                                        Echo Fox -112

Echo Fox made some great pick ups in the offseason. The new bottom lane of Adrien and Altec paid immediate dividends in the first week. Altec proved that he was more than capable of carrying the day on a hypercarry, wrecking everything in his path with Kog’Maw.

Cloud9 is the one major team that didn’t mix up its bottom lane in the offseason. Sneaky and Smoothie are once again one of the top duos in North America, and the matchup against Echo Fox’s bottom lane should be a wash.

Each team has a major advantage in the other two lanes. Jensen is a much better mid laner than Fenix, while Huni is a far more proven commodity than Licorice. I like Cloud9 here because Jensen will push his lane more and get map control for his team.

Team Liquid -167                                                                             100 Thieves +122

I can admit when I’m wrong. Team Liquid made me eat crow in the very first game with a dominating win over TSM. They were one death away from a perfect game, and the duo of Olleh and Doublelift looked phenomenal.

Pobelter will be the unsung hero for this team all year. He isn’t a playmaker in the mid lane, but works well with his team to create slight advantages in numerous ways. On a team with this much talent, he knows he just needs to support his teammates and his Malzahar play has complemented Liquid well. Look for Liquid to make quick work of 100 Thieves.

FlyQuest -172                                                                                    Golden Guardians +129

There’s a good chance that these are the two worst teams in North America. FlyQuest didn’t like it in the opening week with a win over TSM, but we know what we’re going to see out of WildTurtle at this point. WIldTurtle is going to make some decent plays, but will also get caught out far too often.

Fly is probably priced 30 cents higher than they should be, simply because of its win over TSM. The roster mainly consists of past their prime veterans, so getting Golden Guardians as an underdog is a steal.

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