League of Legends 2017 Mid-Season Invitational Odds – Who will win it all?


Last Updated: 2018-02-23

The Group Stage highlighted the gap between Korea and the rest of the world. SK Telecom T1 was expected to dominate the proceedings and did just that, winning six in a row before dropping their first match. They were so dominant comparatively that they clinched a spot in the playoffs after the first leg of the round robin. However, WE showed that China has some pretty great competition as well and went undefeated in the second leg of the round robin to clinch the No. 2 seed and finish a game behind SKT. These two are the big favorites heading into the weekend.

League of Legends 2017 MSI – To Win Outright

SK Telecom T1 -500                                                         Flash Wolves +1800

Team WE +500                                                                  G2 +4000

SK Telecom T1

This team can win in every way imaginable. The undisputed best team in the world can play through any of their players and that gives them the flexibility to play a different number of strategies. Faker is the best player in the world and typically dominates mid lane matchups. He is impossible to target ban against so teams have just given up on that strategy, trying to win the game in other ways.

The bottom lane duo is relatively unheralded compared to the rest of the team, but Bang and Wolf have amazing chemistry together. Bang is even more valued than normal with the emphasis on AD Carry compositions lately and Wolf is one of the best there is with Nami or Karma.

In a competition where every team was considered to have a great jungler, Peanut has continued to stand out above all the rest. Peanut is undefeated this season on Lee Sin and has been very good on Graves as well. He will likely be the subject of target bans throughout the series against Flash Wolves and in the finals as well with the limited amount of good jungle champions in the meta now.

Team World Elite

Team WE was the biggest unknown of any team from a major region coming into the tournament. In the past few years, Chinese teams like RNGU and EDward Gaming had been the ones to make it to the international stage, not WE.

The most surprising development for WE has been the play of top laner 957. He was considered the weak link of this team heading into MSI, but he has outperformed everyone’s expectations. Teams have to ban Kled after he dominated Flash Wolves on the champion last week and he has been just as fine playing a tank champion as well.

Mystic has had a great tournament as well. He can play any of the AD Carry champions currently popular in the meta and will occasionally surprise with another pick as well.

This team proved it has a few tricks up its sleeve too in their match against SKT. There they used Lucian in mid lane, a play to which Faker had no answer, and that led to a WE win.

Flash Wolves

It’s been a disappointing tournament for the LMS champions. Flash Wolves were considered the second-best team coming into MSI, but have not proved that thus far. Karsa and Maple have lived up to their expectations, but the rest of the team has had its woes.

MMD has had a lot of trouble against the top laners at MSI. He has been outdueled on tanks and the team doesn’t seem to have much faith in him on a riskier champion. All too often he has been left out to dry by his teammates and he will get torn up by Huni if that happens again.


There is no way that G2 can beat SKT in a five-game series, but if Flash Wolves can do the dirty work and knock off SKT, they have a chance of winning it all.

However, G2 also has to best the team that has worked them over twice already in WE. G2 couldn’t get past the half-hour mark either time they faced WE and Condi completely outplayed Trick in the Jungle. A lot of pressure will be on Perkz to carry the team in the mid lane, but he is probably the worst of the mid laners still alive.


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