Las Vegas NFL Circa Million Weekly Recap: Week 2

Date | AuthorAdam Burke

Last Updated: 2019-09-17

It was polar opposite week for us in the Circa Million. One entry went 4-1. The other entry went 1-4. All 1-4 weeks are hard to swallow, but this one was particularly frustrating, including a half-yard loss in a side bet for dinner.

The inaugural Circa Million drew 1,875 entrants to The D or Golden Gate Casino in order to sign up for Derek Stevens’s competitor to the Westgate SuperContest. So far, the returns have been pretty positive, although we’ll see what happens as the season goes along. The quarter prizes of $143,750 are a really nice opportunity for everybody in the field to come away with some cash, but with a field that is over 56% of the way to the SuperContest’s size, the fact that the Circa only pays the top 10 could be frustrating at the end.

First place is worth a million bucks before The Man takes a cut. The prizes for the top 10 go from $100,000 to $5000 after that.

But, the quarter prizes and the rake-free prize pool are really positive attributes to say the least. Initially, there was expected to be an overlay on the $1.5 million prize pool, but the number of entries blew past 1,500 with a lot of time to spare and all of that excess money went to the quarter prizes. We’re halfway to the end of the first quarter of the season and a 9-0-1 record from both entries belonging to Mikeybarts is in the lead.

Here at, our entries are grouped as and The -1 entry went 4-1 last week and sits at 6-3-1 through two weeks. The -2 entry went 1-4 and is a disappointing 3-6-1 thus far.

Sometimes bad handicapping happens and it is what it is. Sometimes you read a game wrong. That was the Bengals for BangTheBook Radio host Adam Burke. In the other three games, Ben Roethlisberger got hurt, Kirk Cousins threw the worst pick in the history of the NFL, and Zach Ertz is a world-class tight end that can’t run a route past the sticks on fourth down. Maybe those were bad handicaps, but there was also a lot of bad luck.

The -1 entry did have the Falcons in that Sunday Night Football thriller and has a 1-0 lead on a season-long dinner bet of games in the Circa Million and SuperContest with opposite sides between the two parties. The winners were Buffalo, Jacksonville, and the Rams to go along with the Falcons. The Bears were a really tough-luck loser as they inexplicably gave up a Joe Flacco late touchdown drive before kicking the game-winning field goal to win 16-14. The line was -2.5.

The frustrations of a 1-4 and the frustrations of a 4-1. Isn’t gambling grand?

Here are the Week 2 and year-to-date results for the first annual Circa Million:

  Wins Losses Ties Win Percentage
Week 1 4097 4380 783 48.33%
Week 2 4844 4486   51.92%
YTD Totals 8941 8866 783 50.21%

The Circa Million field did not have the luxury of taking a bunch of stale line value on the Browns. The Sam Darnold news broke between the SuperContest line release and the Circa Million line release. In the SuperContest, over 2,000 entrants took the Browns. In the Circa Million, only 197 of 1,875 laid the -6.5 on Cleveland. As a result, it was a much tighter and tougher week for the field here.

The top-five consensus only went 2-3, as the most popular pick, Pittsburgh, went down with Roethlisberger’s injury. The Cowboys and Chiefs both covered, but the Vikings and Bengals did not.

The overall consensus came in at 10-6, so that was rather solid, as five straight winners in the late slot and primetime changed the dynamic in a big way.

The timing of this recap is such that the standings aren’t fully updated on the website, though those that have the Circa app should be able to see them. In any event, Mikeybarts is all alone in first, with a four-way tie for second at 9-1 and then several tied for seventh with 8.5 points, including Schematic Advantage, who has been strong in these contests, especially the Golden Nugget in recent years.

Here are the results and pick counts from Week 2:

1 Panthers* 131

2 Buccaneers (+6.5) 52


3 Titans* 412

4 Colts (+3) 269


5 Chargers 294

6 Lions* (+2) 337


7 Bills 388

8 Giants* (+1) 244


9 Ravens* 159

10 Cardinals (+13) 248


11 Patriots 140

12 Dolphins* (+18) 167


13 Cowboys 550 (consensus #2)

14 Redskins* (+5) 176


15 Texans* 159

16 Jaguars (+8) 276


17 Steelers* 636 (consensus #1)

18 Seahawks (+4) 205


19 Bengals* 464 (consensus #5)

20 49ers (+1.5) 234


21 Packers* 237

22 Vikings (+3) 471 (consensus #4)


23 Chiefs 528 (consensus #3)

24 Raiders* (+6.5) 115


25 Rams* 406

26 Saints (+2.5) 270


27 Bears 321

28 Broncos* (+2.5) 334


29 Eagles 285

30 Falcons* (+1) 443


31 Browns 197

32 Jets* (+6.5) 182


Consensus record: 10-6

Top-five consensus record: 2-3

YTD consensus record: 15-15-1 (LAR/CAR same # picks Wk 1)

YTD top-five consensus record: 4-6-1


Listen for host Adam Burke’s SuperContest/Circa Million thoughts for the entry every Friday on BangTheBook Radio.

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