Ivy League Opening Power Ratings

Last Updated: 2017-11-03

We’ll jump ahead to the Ivy League for our next set of conference opening college basketball power ratings, and I’ll explain in a little more detail how the ratings were created. In later articles we’ll get to the updating process and how to calculate your AOPR, or strength of schedule numbers, and some other things.

As I mentioned briefly, our power ratings are created by using four different sets of power ratings that others created, with Ken Pomeroy and Sonny Moore being the best known of the four. Those two also get the call in tie-breakers, when a team is a borderline call, such as an average of 78.35 to 78.65. If Moore and Pomeroy have the team ranked higher or lower, I’ll round up or down accordingly.

Since each set of numbers has a different base, I’ll take the highest rated team and add a figure to assign them a rating of 100. If Pomeroy’s highest-rated team is a 27.48, I’ll add 72.52 to that team, as well as all teams to come up with their final rating. I’ll do the same for the other ratings, as well, so that they’re all weighted evenly.

If you’re using an even number of ratings, you can either average the four or throw out the highest and the lowest rated teams and average the remaining sets of numbers. If you’re using an add number of ratings, you can either average them or throw out the hisest and lowest until your’re left with one number and that becomes your starting figure.

Ivy League Opening Power Ratings
Princeton 82
Yale 80
Harvard 79
Penn 75
Columbia 72
Cornell 69
Dartmouth 68
Brown 67

No surprise to see Princeton at the top of the ratings, but things look to be pretty close among the top three teams. There’s a bit of a gap before we get to Penn and another gap before we get to Columbia and the bottom teams also figure to be slugging it out.

There was a bit of disagreement with Princeton, with several assigning the Tigers an 85 and several sets of ratings giving Princeton a 79. Harvard and Yale were much the same, while Brown saw a big gap in its ratings, which ranged between 63 and 71.

Columbia also has a bit of disagreement, with a range of seven points in the power ratings, while Cornell has been the most conistent team we’ve come across so far, with all four sets of ratings within a few points from each other.

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