When it comes to betting on sports, football is clearly the most popular sport to wager on. The NFL is king when it comes to sports betting, with college football a pretty close second. It is college basketball that is usually holding down the number three spot, especially when it comes to March Madness.

The reason that March Madness is such a great event to wager on is because there are 67 games crammed into three weeks, and drama always seems to ensue during those matchups. There are some great betting opportunities for every single NCAA Tournament game, and you can win some serious money.

There is always a temptation to look ahead to college basketball and start looking at futures betting odds, but we are still too early for that. NCAAB futures betting odds are open, but it’s hard to predict the eventual champion of March Madness all the way back in September.

A look at the odds will help explain why you need to show some patience with this betting market.

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Odds Are Spread Out

Many people will argue that you want to get a futures bet in as early as possible to take advantage of the odds, and that isn’t a bad idea for some sports. Picking a Super Bowl champion or Stanley Cup Champion can be done months in advance, but it’s too hard when it comes to college basketball.

Now is the time when you are going to see even the best programs have some valuable odds, but that doesn’t mean it’s a smart wager. Since the NCAA Tournament is just a single elimination event, the best teams aren’t always left standing at the end.

Here are the current odds you are going to see at BetOnline when it comes to the NCAAB Championship:

  • Kansas +900
  • Kentucky +1000
  • Purdue +1000
  • Duke +1400
  • UConn +1400
  • Michigan State +1600
  • Houston +2000
  • Gonzaga +2000
  • Texas +2500
  • Saint Johns +2500
  • North Carolina +2800
  • Arizona +2800
  • Arkansas +2800
  • UCLA +3000
  • Marquette +3300
  • USC +3300
  • Tennessee +3300
  • Villanova +3300
  • Florida Atlantic +3300
  • Maryland +3300

Without even knowing the rosters of college basketball teams, you could probably guess what teams are going to enter the 2023 season as the betting favorites. It is the blue blood programs that always seem to be at the top of the list, and that’s not usually going to change until the games are played.

If you are someone who does a lot of futures betting on other sports then you will know that having the favorite at +900 is extremely unusual, but it speaks to the unpredictable nature of this sport.

Only Look at Underdogs

If you are going to make a futures bet on the NCAAB Championship at this point in the year, then you really should only be looking way down the list. Sure, it seems like Kansas has enough talent to cut down the nets this year, but it also felt like it a year ago before they suffered a defeat.

Focusing on a team like Marquette at +3300 is a solid play if you are anxious to make an NCAAB wager because that payout would be tremendous. Marquette might win the Big East Conference this season, and that would give them a good seed in the NCAA Tournament.

You are still going to get a ton of value in the odds if you wait until the brackets are posted, and it’s usually an underdog that gets the job done anyway.

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