How To Bet a Superfecta

This is the fifth part of seven articles that will cover the essentials to betting on horses.  Wagering on horses is one of the most exciting betting opportunities available in the gambling world today.  Every where you look offshore they are starting sportsbooks that give the bettor the option to wager on horses at nearly any track at any time around the globe.  To take advantage of this new phenomenon Bang the has established a series of articles that will chronicle the basics of betting on horses all the way up to the most complicated of wagers.  In part five of this series we look at how to bet the Superfecta. 

There may be no sexier bet in all of racing than the Superfecta. It is easy to find the attraction in the Superfecta because it is the reason almost all of us play the ponies.  We are looking for the big payout with little invested.  The lure is that just the right research and time and devotion to studying the field can pay out and pay out big! In fact there have been superfecta payouts that are commonly in the five to six figure ranges. Before we can discuss the payouts and the big numbers that superfectas have produced let’s look at what the Superfecta is and how to place it at the track.

The Superfecta wager requires the bettor to select the first four finishers of the race in the exact order.  This is the superfecta straight wager. Now you can understand the reason for the big payout because this is a very daunting task but to help out in the chances of winning big they have Superfecta wheel betting and boxed betting.  They also have lowered the price and some tracks offer superfecta betting for just one dollar and others go as low as 20 cent tickets making this obtainable for every walk of life.

The superfecta boxed wager is similar to other boxed wagers we have discussed in this series.  The boxed wagers can get a bettor into trouble because it can get costly. A one dollar boxed superfecta with four horses will cost $24.  The ticket will allow you four horses that can finish in any order and it is this number of combinations that will make the ticket so costly.  If one of the horses fails to make it in the top four the ticket is a loser.

The superfecta wheel is another option.  The superfecta wheel is like other wheel wagering options that we have discussed in the series.  Like with the other wheel wagering opportunities the bettor keys on one horse that must finish first and then it allows the bettor to group three or more other horses together that can finish in any order behind the horse that was keyed on.  This bet can be very dangerous because the keyed horse has to come in first place and if it does not finish first the ticket is then deemed a loser.  With a wheel like other exotic wagering the bettor can add more horses and with that the cost of the ticket will increase.

This article in the series covered the superfecta and the ways that a superfecta can be placed.  It covered the straight superfecta as well as the box and the wheel versions that can be placed and the prices that are available for tickets.  The main reason for playing the superfecta is the draw of the big payday. In many events the payout for the superfecta has reached five figure payouts and in big event like Triple Crown racing the payout shave reached over six figures.  The warning should be made to newer bettors to approach this type of wager like a lottery ticket and not to put a lot of your wagering eggs into one basket.  While the payouts are big the approach has to be smart or it can be a waste of money.

Now that you are familiar with Superfecta betting the next part of the series will cover the most commonly know phrase in horse racing, the daily Double.

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