Heisman Trophy Odds Update (as of 11/23/11)

Heisman Trophy

Here at Bang the Book, we are beginning our update for the Heisman Trophy odds on a weekly basis. Here is our look through 12 weeks of play at some of the favorites as well as the odds to win the 2011 Heisman Trophy that can be found below…

Andrew Luck, Stanford Cardinal: Luck was once absolutely considered the man that was going to win the Heisman Trophy for the mass majority of the season, but all of a sudden, Stanford has lost a game and played terribly and were lucky to survive another, and there is suddenly a tremendous amount of doubt. Completing right around 70 percent of his passes is no longer anything overly special, knowing that there are other Heisman candidates that are doing even more. Add in the traditional East Coast bias and the fact that the Pac-12 is perceived as a soft conference, and Luck might not nearly even be the odds on favorite any longer.

Trent Richardson, Alabama Crimson Tide: Richardson’s numbers are starting to look a heck of a lot like those of his former teammate, RB Mark Ingram who, of course, won the Heisman Trophy two years ago as a sophomore. The one thing that Richardson has going for him is that he is clearly the only individual in the SEC that has a shot of winning this illustrious award, and we all know that statistics that are amassed against an SEC schedule are considered even greater than they are in any other conference in the land. The only downer right here about Richardson is the fact that, in all likelihood, he won’t be playing this coming week in the SEC Championship Game, which is terrible news for a man who could really use that 13th game to bolster those numbers. If the Tide are in the BCS National Championship Game though, no one in Alabama will mind.

Robert Griffin III, Baylor Bears: All of a sudden, with 479 passing yards, 72 rushing yards, and four touchdown passes against a Top 10 team in the land, Griffin is the choice that many have for the Heisman Trophy this year. And why not? Through just 10 games (whereas most have played 11), Griffin has 3,572 passing yards and 561 rushing yards, and he has already accounted for a total of 37 touchdowns, the second most in college football. He’s averaging over 10 yards per pass attempt, something that few can say at any level, and he has one of the best TD/INT ratios in the game at 33/5. With two more wins, Baylor will be 9-3 and will likely be in a position to challenge for a BCS bowl bid. That could be enough to let Griffin win the top individual honor in America.

Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State Cowboys: We know that the whole country has really counted Weeden out now that the Cowboys have lost their perfect season, but we aren’t so sure that we should do so. Weeden is going to get a bad rap about him because he is 28 years old, but if the ageless wonder QB Chris Weinke was able to win the award for Florida State almost a decade ago, Weeden should have a fair shot as well. This is the only man in major college football that has thrown for over 4,000 yards on the year, and he is doing so in an offense that isn’t just a total run and shoot offense like that of QB Case Keenum. Keenum probably has the better chance at being a finalist, but in the end, Weeden is the only one that seriously has a chance at winning the award. In the end, the Cowboys have to beat the Oklahoma Sooners next week, but if that happens and Weeden has a game that rivals that of Griffin against them, college football’s old man is going to be back as one of the favorites on the odds to win the Heisman Trophy.

Odds to Win 2011 Heisman Trophy (as of 11/23/11)
Andrew Luck 1 to 2
Brandon Weeden 12 to 1
Case Keenum 10 to 1
Justin Blackmon 125 to 1
LaMichael James 25 to 1
Robert Griffin III 2.50 to 1
Trent Richardson 1.75 to 1
Kellen Moore 25 to 1

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