Heisman Trophy Odds Update (as of 11/11/11)

Heisman Trophy

Here at Bang the Book, we are beginning our update for the Heisman Trophy odds on a weekly basis. Here is our look through 10 weeks of play at some of the favorites as well as the odds to win the 2011 Heisman Trophy that can be found below…

Andrew Luck, Stanford Cardinal: It really seems like a given right now that Luck is going to be claiming the Heisman Trophy, as he has some numbers that are just unbelievable, and he is on a team that, as long as it wins on Saturday against Oregon, should run the table and end up at worst in the Rose Bowl. Do we really think that Luck is the only candidate right now as these odds are indicating? Not quite. But do we think that he is a deserving odds on leader for the honors? Absolutely.

Trent Richardson, Alabama Crimson Tide: The Tide really, badly needed to win that game against LSU for Richardson to have a shot of claiming the Heisman this year. that being said, he is still ranked No. 8 in the country in rushing yards with 1,078, and he still does have a whopping 18 touchdowns. There is still a game against Georgia Southern that can yield a ton of stats to boot, and if the Bayou Bengals happen to slip somewhere along the way, or if in some other form, the Tide end up in the National Championship Game, there is going to be no way that we can really take away from the chances that Richardson really has of taking down college football’s biggest individual honor.

Case Keenum, Houston Cougars: After yet another big, big game in the midweek, it is becoming harder and harder to count out Keenum as a contender for the Heisman Trophy. In fact, at least right now, we tend to think that he has a better argument than Boise State’s Kellen Moore, who has had a remarkable season as well. Keenum has 3,951 passing yards and 37 TDs this year, and he still likely has three games left to build upon his stats before Heisman weekend. He’s leading an offense that is averaging 628.8 yards per game this year, along with 54.7 points per game. Sure it’s Conference USA, but we can’t help but be tremendously impressed. Keenum has at least earned himself a slot as a finalist for the honor, if nothing else in our book.

Sammy Watkins, Clemson Tigers: Sure, Watkins isn’t going to win the Heisman Trophy, but there have been all sorts of weird things go on in recent years with sophomores winning the honor, so why not at least remotely think about one of the most dynamic wide receivers, and certainly the most dynamic freshman in the country? Watkins has come to Clemson and dominated, catching 65 passes for 978 yards and 10 TDs to go with 133 rushing yards and another 570 yards as a returner, and he is really the reason that QB Tajh Boyd and this offense have been so improved this year. There certainly isn’t all that much more of a valuable player in the ACC than Watkins, but if he were to put these numbers up in a senior season instead of in his freshman campaign, he’d probably be considered for the award.

Odds to Win 2011 Heisman Trophy (as of 11/11/11)
Aaron Murray 50 to 1
Andrew Luck 1 to 5
Brandon Weeden 12 to 1
Case Keenum 10 to 1
Justin Blackmon 12 to 1
Landry Jones 10 to 1
Matt Barkley 50 to 1
Robert Griffin III 125 to 1
Trent Richardson 5 to 1
Russell Wilson 50 to 1
Kellen Moore 6.50 to 1
Tajh Boyd 50 to 1
Sammy Watkins 70 to 1

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