Handicapping the Hardwood: A College Basketball Betting Podcast Feb. 18-20

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This week’s Handicapping the Hardwood, BangTheBook’s College Basketball Betting Podcast, began with some exciting news! Host Adam Burke announced that he and his co-host, BangTheBook.com Expert Handicapper Kyle Hunter, will be recording two episodes per week with one on Tuesday and one later in the week through the end of March Madness. For now, the second show will record on Friday afternoons.

Handicapping the Hardwood is designed to be an informational podcast that pays special attention to the betting aspect of college basketball. The whole point of the show is to make bettors aware of things that can help them make educated wagers. The oddsmakers are good and you need everything you can to get an edge. With schedule analysis, stats, trends, and coaching analysis, you can expect quality information from Handicapping the Hardwood, making it a must-listen every week for any serious college basketball bettor.

Before Adam and Kyle got to this week’s “Inside Edge”, they had a request for their listeners. For the Friday shows, they want to do a Question and Answer portion to the show. Listeners are asked to Tweet any questions or comments they have to Adam’s Twitter handle, @SkatingTripods, Kyle’s Twitter handle, @KyleHunterPicks, or our Twitter handle, @bangthebook. Callers can also call into the show with any comments or questions that they have.

Right on cue, a caller was on the phone with some thoughts about Duke and their tough scheduling spots this week. Duke plays back-to-back road games against Georgia Tech and North Carolina on Tuesday and Thursday prior to their much-anticipated rematch against Syracuse in Durham, NC on Saturday. The North Carolina game was postponed last week due to weather and has created a very difficult situation for the Blue Devils. Kyle gave his expert opinion on the situation and both Kyle and the caller wondered if Syracuse is due for a loss.

Can Wichita State make a second consecutive deep Tournament run and win it all? The caller posed that question to Adam and Kyle and you’ll definitely want to hear their thoughts.

Has the perception of North Carolina changed since Duke opened as a short favorite in Chapel Hill last week in the game that was postponed? Kyle thinks the number has absolutely changed. By how much? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Kyle opened the Inside Edge by talking about motivation levels for teams that aren’t going to be postseason threats and how important it is to factor that into your handicapping. Adam agreed, noting that there could be value on other bad teams that have not given up on the season, especially in matchups against those teams that have thrown in the towel.

Another caller found out the greatness that is Handicapping the Hardwood and dialed in looking for some tournament prospects for a couple of inconsistent teams. Adam and Kyle didn’t support either one of those teams. Listen to the podcast to find out who those teams were and why they didn’t advocate any future wagers on those schools.

The Big Ten is a very deep conference with a lot of parity. Kyle brings up the success that road teams have had and Adam thinks it will help the conference members out in March Madness. Coaching makes a big difference come tournament time and the Big Ten has some of the country’s best coaching. That’s the type of analysis you can expect every week from Handicapping the Hardwood. You know that the oddsmakers consider coaches when building lines and you should consider them too.

Oklahoma State continues to struggle and Kyle thinks they’re a bubble team now. Marcus Smart returns, but can they play their way solidly back into the field of 68? Back to coaching, neither Adam nor Kyle thinks that Travis Ford is somebody that you’ll want to back down the stretch run.

To wrap up the Inside Edge, Kyle found a great trend that handicappers absolutely have to consider regarding home underdogs. Oddsmakers have adjusted and you need to do the same.

The duo got into breakdowns of some of the most exciting games from Tuesday-Thursday. They began with Texas and Iowa State. Kyle’s number was a little bit higher for the home favorite, with a big edge for the Cyclones because of their home-court advantage. This game means a lot for both teams, especially with the standings so tight in the Big 12.

Adam and Kyle covered three games for Wednesday, with in-depth analysis on UCLA at Cal, Creighton at Marquette, and Arizona at Utah. All three games have low lines and two of them have road favorites. Who do Adam and Kyle like in these matchups and why? We’re not going to spoil for you, so click the Play button on the window embedded in this article.

One of the running themes of the show has been trying to find value on under-the-radar games and teams. Late Thursday night, or early Friday morning for East Coasters, UC-Irvine heads to Hawaii to take on the Warriors. Kyle gives you his early line before the books release so that you can plan out your strategy when this number is available. The Anteaters have been one of Kyle’s most profitable teams this season, so he has a tremendous gauge on this team. Adam found a very tough scheduling spot for UC-Irvine and looked ahead to a great spot to bet against the Anteaters, as the Anteaters may bring their best game to Hawaii but maybe not in their next game.

It was another show full of great information and people are starting to take notice of Handicapping the Hardwood, the best college basketball betting podcast around. Remember to send in your questions, comments, and thoughts to Adam and Kyle or Tweet them at us for Friday’s show.

Download this week’s podcast or listen to it on the embedded player in this article and share it with your friends, family, and fellow bettors so that everybody can bang the book this week in college hoops!

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