Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge Week 5 Recap

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Last Updated: 2019-10-08

Five weeks are complete in the 17-week contest that is the Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge. Hopefully Week 5 was the start of a run for us here at Making the money last season was nice, but we went into this season with a big chip on our shoulders after finishing tied for 20th, where the last $1000 was split three ways.

That meant that we were on a mission. Unfortunately, our mission started rather uneventfully with a 14-14 showing through the first four weeks. A 5-2 in Week 5 will hopefully be the start of a big run that puts us up in striking distance of the money. It is still early and there are still 84 picks left to be made, but time is always a factor in these contests.

Seven picks, NFL and college sides, stale numbers that come out on Wednesday night. The rules are very simple in all these contests. The inclusion of college gives the Golden Nugget quite a wrinkle and one that worked out rather well for us last season. The college picks have been off to a slow start this season, but we’re getting more data points and more information on these teams with each passing day.

Our 5-2 record in Week 5 tied our best showing of the season thus far and moved us to 19-16 and a tie for 105th place. The cut-off for the money right now is 23 points, so we’ll need to find some 6-1 or 7-0 weeks, but those sure do feel like they are coming sooner rather than later.

The college picks went 3-2, as Boston College, Texas Tech, and Central Michigan came through. Auburn and Miami Florida fell horribly short. The Raiders and the 49ers were winners on the NFL sides. Through five weeks, college picks are just 8-10. NFL sides are up to 11-6, so we’ve been doing much better on that side of the spectrum.

Blue Dream-1 and Detroit Lion-1 are tied for the lead with 26 points. Both entries are 26-9. Sirius-1 is alone in third place with 25 points at 25-10. Detroit Lion-2, Sirius-2, and DC Brad-1 are tied for fourth with 24.5 points. Dave Tuley’s View from Vegas-1 entry is 22-12-1 and tied for 21st with several contestants. Friend of the site Brad Powers has one entry and is 20-12-3 on the year for 21.5 points. He finished in the top five last year. Monsterloc, who won last year, and contest legend Mucked Nuts, are also tied for 36th.

Here are the Week 5 and week-by-week results:

  Wins Losses Ties Win Percentage
Week 1 885 945 144 48.36%
Week 2 1188 676 110 63.73%
Week 3 1023 939 12 52.14%
Week 4 899 1040 35 46.36%
Week 5 983 932 59 51.33%
YTD Totals 4978 4532 360 52.34%

It was a good week to go 5-2, as the field came in just over 51%. The year-to-date success rate fell from 52.6% to 52.34%. There are still a lot of weeks to go. All 282 entrants are still making picks, as we had 1,974 once again.

Here are our weekly picks:

Week 1 (2-5):

W: Bills, Colts

L: Virginia Tech, Nebraska, Southern Miss, FIU, Lions


Week 2 (4-3) (6-8-0):

W: UCF, Duke, Jaguars, Browns

L: Colorado, Steelers, Bears


Week 3 (5-2) (11-10-0):

W: Pitt, Texas, Colts, Giants, Rams

L: Michigan, Chargers


Week 4 (3-4) (14-14-0):

W: Temple, Browns, Saints

L: Nevada, Vanderbilt, Dolphins, Vikings


Week 5 (5-2) (19-16-0):

W: Boston College, Texas Tech, Central Michigan, Raiders, 49ers

L: Miami (FL), Auburn

Follow along with our Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge picks and results every Wednesday right here at!

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