Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge Week 16 Recap

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Last Updated: 2018-12-26

We’re hanging on by a thread in the Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge. Another subpar week has our entry barely inside the money as we’ll need to rally in Week 17 to stay in that spot or find a way to move up into the top 10 with a 6-1 or a 7-0.

There is never a good time to run bad in a contest, but we’ve picked the worst time by going 5-7-2 over the last two weeks to put a dent in all of the hard work that we did for 15 weeks beforehand. The final seven picks will go in the ledger this week and hopefully we’ll be able to run better than we have the last two weeks so that we’ll have something to show for our efforts.

Monsterloc-1 is holding down the top spot with 76 points. Schematic Advantage-1 is second with 74.5 points. Paul Stone Sports-2 is alone in third place with 74 points. BangTheBook Radio guest and friend of the site Brad Powers-1 is fourth with 73.5 points. Boone-1 rounds out the top five with 73 points.

We have 69 points, which would have been a nice score going into Week 16, but we’ll have to settle for it going into Week 17. Our entry is 66-40-6 and tied for 18th with four other contenders. The cut-off for the top 10 right now is 71 points, so we’re going to need a 6-1 at worst and probably a 7-0 to move into a position to make some money in this thing. Finishers 11 through 20 get their money back, while the top 10 makes a profit.

This year’s field ballooned to 308 players and does appear to be a fairly sharp field. The inclusion of college football along with the NFL does make it a very attractive contest and the $1,000 entry fee is pretty nice as well. We’re certainly hoping for the best in Week 17, but we’ll likely be involved in this one again next year.

We hit both of our college plays last week, but it was a tough one in the NFL going 1-3-1 over the five games that were on our card. Army and Wake Forest came through in college and the Raiders came through in the NFL. The Cowboys pushed. The Panthers, Cardinals, and Chargers all came up short. Our college sides are now 35-19-2 and our NFL sides are 31-21-4. That’s how we get to 66-40-6 with our 112 picks.

As mentioned, finishers 11 through 20 get their $1000 back. Here is the breakdown for the rest of the money positions:

1st: $119,200 (40%)

2nd: $59,600 (20%)

3rd: $29,800 (10%)

4th & 5th: $20,860 (7%)

6th & 7th: $14,900 (5%)

8th-10th: $5,960 (2%)

Here are the week-by-week results for the Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge:

  Wins Losses Ties Win Percentage
Week 1 1128 991 37 53.23%
Week 2 1060 1096   49.17%
Week 3 1170 931 41 55.69%
Week 4 1089 966 101 52.99%
Week 5 1184 925 47 56.14%
Week 6 1059 1062 35 49.93%
Week 7 1109 993 40 52.76%
Week 8 1255 859 14 59.37%
Week 9 1205 909   57.00%
Week 10 1009 955 150 51.37%
Week 11 1054 1046   50.19%
Week 12 1017 989 52 50.70%
Week 13 1040 1018   50.53%
Week 14 1067 823 147 56.46%
Week 15 1011 945 67 51.69%
Week 16 1057 741 176 58.79%
YTD Totals 17514 15249 907 53.46%

The Nugget field had its highest number of pushes of the season, but also its second-highest success rate at 58.79 percent. Even with a sample size of 33,670 picks, the Week 16 success rate was enough to jump the year-to-date record to 53.46 percent. That is the highest we have had since Week 10.

We fell to 1,974 selections, so we cut off some of the dead weight and that likely contributed to the big weekend for contest players.

Here are our weekly picks:

Week 1 (5-2):

W: Ball State, Penn State, Vikings, Bengals, Ravens

L: Georgia Tech, Bowling Green


Week 2 (4-3) (9-5):

W: UAB, Buffalo, Chargers, Dolphins

L: Houston, Louisville, Eagles


Week 3 (4-3) (13-8):

W: Michigan State, FIU, Coastal Carolina, Saints

L: Ball State, 49ers, Chargers


Week 4 (5-1-1) (18-9-1):

W: Purdue, Oklahoma State, Northwestern, Bengals, Bears

L: UL Monroe

T: Seahawks


Week 5 (5-2) (23-11-1):

W: Northern Illinois, Northwestern, UAB, Texas A&M, Steelers

L: Jaguars, Texans


Week 6 (4-3) (27-14-1):

W: Duke, Louisiana Tech, Florida, Broncos

L: Cal, Bears, Patriots


Week 7 (4-2-1) (31-16-2):

W: UTEP, Fresno State, San Jose State, Giants

L: Army, Ravens

T: Buccaneers


Week 8 (3-4) (34-20-2):

W: Iowa State, Buccaneers, Packers

L: Texas A&M, Florida, BYU, Jets


Week 9 (4-3) (38-23-2):

W: Duke, Louisiana, Falcons, Bears

L: Florida, Louisiana Tech, Lions


Week 10 (6-1) (44-24-2):

W: Pitt, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Browns, Titans, Chargers

L: Charlotte


Week 11 (4-3) (48-27-2):

W: FIU, Washington State, Colts, Broncos

L: UTEP, Nevada, Cardinals


Week 12 (4-2-1) (52-29-3):

W: Syracuse, Wake Forest, Bills, Browns

L: Liberty, 49ers



Week 13 (5-2) (57-31-3):

W: Washington, Ohio State, NC State, Ravens, Bills

L: Browns, Vikings


Week 14 (4-2-1) (61-33-4):

W: Browns, Bears, Raiders, Seahawks

L: Bills, Broncos

T: Navy


Week 15 (2-4-1) (63-37-5):

W: Vikings, Colts

L: Arizona State, Middle Tennessee, Bills, Packers

P: Ravens

Week 16 (3-3-1) (66-40-6):

W: Wake Forest, Army, Raiders

L: Chargers, Panthers, Cardinals

P: Cowboys

Last week we got a tad unlucky that the Ravens were a winner in the SuperContest, but a push in the Nugget. This week, the Cowboys were a loser in the SuperContest, but a push in the Nugget. It all evens out, right? RIGHT?!

Our friends Brad Powers and Ralph Michaels had strong Week 16 showings. Brad moved from fifth to fourth and Ralph is now in 22nd, just a half-point outside of the money.

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