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camnewton-x-large is back with another great set of NFL betting props for the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football. Join us for the Carolina Panthers vs. New York Giants prop picks for this NFC duel at Bank of America Stadium.

Eli Manning Total Completions Over 23.5: We aren’t getting all that excited over the fact that Eli threw for 500+ yards last week when we look at this prop. We just don’t know if the Giants have any other choice but to try to move the ball this way. WR Hakeem Nicks is out of the fold, and so too are three other starters, and that’s really going to put the ball in Manning’s lap, and he’s going to have to make the best of the situation. Unless all of a sudden, RB Andre Brown turns out to be the next incarnation of Tiki Barber, this is going to be a game that is all about the pass for the Giants, and that means that Manning is going to have no choice but to get the ball up the field with his arm instead of his teammates’ legs.

Victor Cruz Over 6 Receptions (-150): Same concept here. To be honest, we don’t see a situation in which Cruz plays for the whole game in which he doesn’t get at least 10 catches and at least 130 yards if the Giants have any desires of being competitive. Gone is Mario Manningham. On the shelf is Hakeem Nicks. Heck, gone is even Jake Ballard. Someone has to be the beneficiary of all of these completed passes, and if last week’s explosion against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is any indicator, we know that we are going to see Cruz doing a lot of salsa dancing over the course of this one on Thursday night against the Panthers.

Cam Newton Longest Completion Over 35.5 Yards (-115): It’s just going to be difficult to see how Newton doesn’t get at least one of these long bombs to fall complete on Thursday. This is his first game under the spotlight, and he gets to pick on a secondary that is in shambles. Sure, Newton is going to have a lot of pressure coming from DE Jason Pierre-Paul and the likes, but he has the ability to make a play out of nothing with his arm and his legs. Every week, we see teams key in on this Carolina rushing attack, and every week, there are a few plays where we’ll see either WR Steve Smith or WR Brandon LaFell streaking up the sidelines on some sort of a wheel or a go route. We look to see a lot of that this week, and one of those bombs is bound to connect more often than not.

Jonathan Stewart Over 10.5 Rushing Attempts (-105): Perhaps we are being suckered into this one after watching Stewart, Newton, and RB DeAngelo Williams all get their healthy share of carries in last week’s win over the New Orleans Saints. We still just feel like Carolina is going to try to do everything that it can to try to hang onto the football, and that means that all three of these men are going to be carrying the ball and carrying it a bunch. Stewart should get his carries in a game in which the Panthers dominate the time of possession, and that might be the only way in which they have a shot of winning the game, especially if Eli and the passing attack for New York turn out to be golden.

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