Nowadays there are many different wagering options when it comes to sports betting. Some are for fun and some are just ridiculous.  However some types of wagering are specifically used by some of the best handicappers in the world to make money. One type of wagering that professional handicappers use every year without fail is future betting.

Future betting is betting on an event that will transpire in the future. This type of wagering is very popular in football. At the start of any NFL season handicappers will often select what team they think will win divisions, conferences and even the Super Bowl. This is just one example of future wagering.

The reason that professional handicappers are drawn to this type of wagering is because they are able to find value on putting their money down early in the season. It also allows the handicapper to hedge their wagers as the season unfolds.

Future wagers can also be used on wins and losses on the season. Every year before the season begins a win total is put out at top-rated sports books for every team in the league. The sports bettor can bet over or under on that win total depending on how many wins or loses they believe a certain team will have at season end. This makes for an interesting regular season as sports bettors can track the progress of their future wagers and plan for profit or protection.

This wagering option also opens the door for protecting investments. If a future wager looks as though it may lose, wagering on weekly games can help protect that wager by hedging. This is the main reason that this type of option is so attractive to the professional handicappers.

Whether you consider yourself a professional handicapper of a recreational player, future betting is an option that you should use on a regular basis.

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