Poker promotions are plentiful at BetOnline as we start to reach that point in the year when going outside becomes a nuisance and all you want to do is see some flops and rake some pots.

When it comes to online poker, it is hard to say that anybody does it better than BetOnline. The interface is crisp, clean, and really easy to navigate, and there are a ton of different games and stakes that you can choose from based on your bankroll or your skill level.

Let’s start by saying that you can get a 100% Deposit Bonus to play poker at BetOnline by signing up through us at BangTheBook. That seems like a good starting point, right?

Now we’ll highlight six more offers from BetOnline for poker players this week and beyond:


Freerolls are great for everybody. For novice players, low stakes players, and those that just want to learn, they are a great opportunity to see some hands and get some practice in. They can also be a nice no-risk, high-reward increase to your bankroll.

Check each week and see what the new freeroll promotions are from BetOnline.

Bad Beat Jackpot

The Bad Beat Jackpot is always running at BetOnline. If you lose to four of a kind over four of a kind, you’ll win the Bad Beat Jackpot. Most notably, if it happens at your table or you are the winner of the hand, you’ll get paid for that as well.

Here’s how the Bad Beat Jackpot breaks down:

20% to the player that lost the hand

15% to the winner of the hand

5% to the other players at the table

5% to the other players playing at Bad Beat Jackpot tables

35% reseed

5% fee

Look for the yellow star to know that you are playing at a Bad Beat Jackpot table.

Boost Poker Bad Beat Jackpot

This is a different kind of Bad Beat Jackpot. Play Real Money Boost Cash Tables to get a piece of the Bad Beat Jackpot.

Once again, four of a kind over four of a kind s the criteria. No fee goes back to the house. All of it goes to the players. It is a Progressive Jackpot, with two cents from every $1 in the pot, it will continue to grow until somebody hits it.

Here’s how the Boost Poker Bad Beat Jackpot breaks down:

40% to the player that lost the hand

20% to the player that won the hand

15% to the players at the table

10% to other players on Bad Beat Jackpot tables

15% reseed value

Be careful because these are “fast-fold” tables, so you’ll have to make your decisions quick.

$150,000 GTD Sundays

While you’re watching the NFL on Sundays, why not join in the Sunday Main Event at 1 p.m. ET at BetOnline? A guaranteed prize pool of $150,000 awaits for this $100+$9 buy-in the Main Event. You can actually earn your way into the tournament by playing in weekly satellites that cost as low as $5.50 to enter.

$1 Million Sit & Go Windfall Jackpot

Turn $10 into $1 Million with BetOnline’s “Windfall” tournaments. These are hyper-speed tournaments with only three players. Buy-in amounts range form $3 to $30 and the randomly-selected prize pool amount could be up to 100,000x the buy-in price.

The bigger the buy-in, the bigger the prize pool can become. Prize pools range from $15 to $1,000,000. In the $15, $20, and $50 prize pools, these are winner-take-all. The rest will pay all three players if you get a big enough prize multiplier.

These games are quick, fast, and super easy, so give them a try today!

Jackpot Sit N Go’s and Flip Sit N Go’s

This is a brand new tournament structure from BetOnline. The Jackpot Sit N Go is a turbo tournament with three players that cost as little as $3 to enter. The max prize could get as high as $150,000 at the maximum buy-in of $30.

With Flip Sit N Go’s, these are buy-ins that are $3, $5, or $10 and you are automatically all-in every hand until a winner is crowned. The prize pool could be as big as 5000x the buy-in.

Lots of ways to win and lots of ways to play poker at BetOnline!