Free Super Bowl XLV Picks: Analyzing the History of the Super Bowl

The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are just days away from kicking it off in Super Bowl betting action this year. Neither of these franchises are strangers to the biggest game of the campaign, especially in black and gold, where they have two rings over the course of the last six seasons. But which team really has the upper hand in terms of history in this one? Check out some more Super Bowl betting analysis for the big one on Sunday!

Packer Pride: There’s a reason that this fancy trophy that these two teams are playing for is called the Lombardi Trophy. Head Coach Vince Lombardi was a legitimate legend, as he led these Packers to a slew of NFL Championships in his time. Green Bay has 11 NFL Championships, two of which were parlayed into Super Bowl titles in Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II over the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders respectively. However, it really seems as though this proud franchise fell off the face of the earth after this, as the Pack didn’t make it back to the big one until 1998, when they beat the New England Patriots for the one and only title in the career of QB Brett Favre. The very next year, Green Bay was back, but another dominating quarterback in the history of the game, QB John Elway, was able to lead the Denver Broncos to one of the biggest upsets in the history of Super Bowl betting action.

Super Steelers: This is considered the “Stairway to Seven” season for the black and gold, as they have a team that has already won six Super Bowl titles, the most in the history of the game. (An interesting side note: The Packers have the most total football titles, regardless of AFL, NFL, or the Super Bowl) Unlike Green Bay though, Pittsburgh didn’t really end up reaching a level of dominating until the 1970s. The Pack already had 11 titles to their credit. The teams from the 1970s were absolutely fantastic for the Steelers, as they claimed four rings thanks to a gritty quarterback named Terry Bradshaw and a whole bunch of Hall of Famers, especially on the defensive side of the ball. The argument could be made that this bunch that won four titles is the greatest dynasty in the history of the game, though it is definitely arguable that this bunch of Steelers has a case for greatness as well. The only Super Bowl appearance from 1980 through Super Bowl XLV was the loss to the Dallas Cowboys in the late 1990s. The franchise dropped a bit with a slew of subpar quarterbacks, but after the drafting on QB Ben Roethlisberger, everything really seemed to turn around. Big Ben has since captured two crowns, one in Super Bowl XLV, and one in Super Bowl XLIII.

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