Our MLB power poll is back, as we analyze all of the best and worst money teams in the bigs that MLB betting action has to offer through 6/4/13.

1: Pittsburgh Pirates (35-23, +$1,528) (LW: 1): The Pirates didn't look like a team that really had the goods to be competing with the Reds in the series that these two played over the week. Pittsburgh was shut out twice, and now it is down to averaging just 3.72 runs per game on the season, 24th in the bigs. That said, the pitching is carrying this team at the moment, and that 3.25 team ERA is the best that it is has been in over two decades in the Steel City.

2: St. Louis Cardinals (38-19, +$1,350) (LW: 2): The Cardinals are working at this point without John Gast, Jake Westbrook, Jaime Garcia, Jason Motte, and Chris Carpenter, and yet without all those arms, they are still holding teams down left and right. They'll be the first team in the bigs to 40 wins, and they'll get there this coming week in all likelihood.

3: Oakland Athletics (35-24, +$1,141) (LW: 9): The A's are legitimately on one of the best runs that we have seen in baseball this year. They are 15-2 in their last 17 games, and they have cashed in to the tune of over 14 units of profits in that span. The team has allowed just five total runs in its last four games combined, each of which have resulted in victories. All of a sudden, what was once a huge deficit in the AL West is down to just a game and a half.

4: Atlanta Braves (35-22, +$925) (LW: 6): Imagine how good the Braves would be offensively if they could get anything out of BJ Upton? Upton is only batting .153 this season with five homers and 10 RBIs, but what most aren't noticing is that in spite of the fact that he is doing so terribly and that 2B Dan Uggla is only batting .175, this is still a team that ranks in the top half of baseball in virtually every offensive category.

5: Cincinnati Reds (36-22, +$886) (LW: 7): The pitchers for the Reds are on fire right now. The team has posted three shutouts in its last four games dating back to May 31st, and with a ton of home games on the horizon, this is a just streak that is probably only going to get better with time. The bullpen has only allowed two earned runs over the course of the last eight games that the team has played, and it has a sub-1.50 ERA in that stretch.

6: Texas Rangers (35-21, +$862) (LW: 4): The Rangers were favored by at least -200 margins twice over the course of the last three games, and they haven't won a game as less than favorites of a -142 margin since May 25th. Texas is going to have to win plenty of games as underdogs this week, as its tour of the AL East on the road starts with a trip to Beantown starting on Tuesday.

7: Baltimore Orioles (32-25, +$697) (LW: 12): The Orioles had a real chance to go into the tank when they took on the Nationals for four games followed by the Tigers for three games last week, but they came to the forefront and put up five wins in seven tries to get back into a tie for second place in the AL East. It doesn't look like this logjam is going to be broken up any time soon in the AL East, and this weekend's series in Tampa Bay will be crucial.

8: Cleveland Indians (30-27, +$677) (LW: 5): The Tribe have now coughed up almost $600 of profits over the course of the last two and a half weeks, and they are now only a few games above .500 after losing two out of three to the Rays over the weekend. Cleveland hasn't won a series since sweeping the Mariners back on May 18th-20th, and it sure looks like this week ahead is going to be brutal as well after losing the first game to the Yankees in the Bronx.

9: Arizona Diamondbacks (32-25, +$643) (LW: 11): Arizona is now in first place in the NL West, but there are still 105 games left to play and a lot is going to have to be determined. For example, what's going to happen when Patrick Corbin starts to lose games? He's led the team to an 11-0 record this year. The rest of the club's pitchers have guided the team to a combined 21-25 mark.

10: Boston Red Sox (35-23, +$565) (LW: 10): Winning a series against the Yankees is always sweet for the Red Sox, but this year, when the battle in the AL East appears to be as tight as any division has been in quite some time, the wins are vital. Still, the team has a losing money mark at home at -$174 for the season, and that's going to have to change at some point if the club is really going to make the playoffs.

11: New York Yankees (32-25, +$426) (LW: 3): Shame on you, Yankees! The Mets are the only team in baseball with a losing record this year against the Marlins, and New York turned around and lost to them in four straight games. GM Brian Cashman probably put it right when he said that George Steinbrenner, had he been alive, probably would have fired him for those four games.

12: Minnesota Twins (25-29, +$313) (LW: 17): Last week, we mentioned that the Twins hadn't won two straight games in over three weeks. They've won more than two in a row now. In fact, Minnesota has taken six of its last seven and seven of its last nine games since that point, and the win that turned it all around was a victory as a +219 underdog against the Tigers at Comerica Park.

13: Colorado Rockies (30-28, +$84) (LW: 8): Last week, the Rockies lost twice to the Astros at home, and in total, the team lost three of the four games against their "natural rivals" from the American League. Yuck. The team has now allowed at least six runs in six of its last 10 games, and that's a recipe for disaster for a club that feels destined to fall out of the race in the near future.

14: Tampa Bay Rays (31-25, +$75) (LW: 19): The cut and paste Rays have figured out how to get the job done offensively, and they are now scoring 5.04 runs per game on the season. They have won seven of their last eight, and though they were huge favorites in most of those games, getting wins is the most crucial part. This might be one of the most important weeks of the season to date with three at Detroit and three at home against Baltimore.

15: Houston Astros (21-37, -$25) (LW: 28): It was only a matter of time until the Astros went on a bit of a winning streak, and when they did, you knew that they were going to be tremendously profitable. Check out what the 'Stros have done over their last six games. They're 6-0, they have been +200 or greater underdogs five times in those six games and have been at least +166 underdogs in all six. They posted a shutout and a one-run game, and went from being one of the worst money teams in the game to one that was only just barely on the losing side of things for the year.

16: San Diego Padres (26-31, -$56) (LW: 15): Who cares about what the Padres did last week? The big question that everyone has in mind for this week is what's going to happen when Carlos Quentin meets up with the Dodgers again, especially if Zach Greinke is going to be back on the mound…

17: San Francisco Giants (30-27, -$79) (LW: 13): It hasn't been a remarkably good last few days for the Giants, as they have only scratched out two wins in their last seven games, and they have been held to one run or fewer three times in that stretch. This is a team that has to find its consistency if it is going to get back into the playoffs.

18: Washington Nationals (28-29, -$559) (LW: 16): You never like to hear that Stephen Strasburg is hurting. He left his last start after throwing just two innings, and though no one really believes that the injury is serious, you never know when the Nationals are going to turn around and stick him on the disabled list just to limit his innings. We haven't seen a case of a pitcher being babied like this in quite some time.

19: Philadelphia Phillies (28-30, -$616) (LW: 20): Remember when the Phillies were trying to be baited to trade OF Domonic Brown in deals to get some stud pitchers, and they wouldn’t budge? This is why. He's on an eight-game hitting streak, and in that stretch, he is batting .484 with nine runs scored, 15 driven in, eight homers, and a triple. That said, the team isn't helping him out all that much when push comes to shove, and the Phils remain one of the suspect teams in the game.

20: Chicago Cubs (23-32, -$676) (LW: 23): The Cubs had won five games in a row before taking on the Diamondbacks in the last two games of the weekend series over the holiday. The team has a brutally annoying trip this week, as it has to fly all the way out to Los Angeles for just two games with the Angels before coming back home for a big series with the Pirates.

21: Chicago White Sox (24-31, -$690) (LW: 14): The White Sox probably went from legitimate contenders to nothing but pretenders during a seven-game losing streak that is still ongoing into this week. The team was whipped offensively in this stretch, scoring a total of just 11 runs in the seven games and getting shut out three times. Chicago is in a whole heck of a lot of trouble.

22: Seattle Mariners (25-33, -$746) (LW: 22): This year, the Mariners are getting some help from a guy not named Felix Hernandez for a change. Hisashi Iwakuma has six wins on the campaign as well. It's too bad for these two men though, that they play on a team where they have accounted for just about half of the wins for the season. Better should be made with two dominating starters like this.

23: Detroit Tigers (30-25, -$760) (LW: 18): For a team that has as many big time bats as the Tigers have, there is rarely an excuse to get shut out in a game. It has happened twice in the last weeks though, and the team has only had one game with more than the five runs that it has been averaging for the campaign. Needless to say, that 10-run outburst was the only time this week that Detroit won as well.

24: Kansas City Royals (23-31, -$939) (LW: 21): The Royals are seemingly getting back to their old ways, and this clearly isn't going to be the year that things turn around. This is a team that has a heck of a lot of problems to it, not the least of which is the fact that it is 6-21 since May 6th. This month long downer has featured just five games with more than four runs scored, and that isn't going to cut it for a team that figured to have problems pitching, not hitting at this point.

25: Toronto Blue Jays (24-33, -$999) (LW: 24): You know it's never a good sign when you spent a zillion dollars on pitchers in the offseason and the best WHIP and best ERA on the team both belong to a guy who has a 5.18 ERA and a 1.41 WHIP. The Jays rank 29th in baseball in pitching with a 4.64 team ERA and a 1.42 team WHIP. Toronto has to get ready to start selling players, because in the AL East, there are just too many good teams to catch.

26: New York Mets (22-32, -$1,100) (LW: 27): The season is officially complete for the Mets. They managed to take four straight games from the Yankees, and at least for one holiday weekend, the back page of the New York Post was talking about baseball for the boys dressed in blue and orange, not the ones in pinstripes. Even if the team loses the rest of its games for the rest of the year, at least Mets fans will have the memory of four straight wins against the Bronx Bombers.

27: Los Angeles Dodgers (24-32, -$1,498) (LW: 29): Every other day, it feels like the brass for the Dodgers is coming out and saying that Don Mattingly is the team's manager… For now… If you took Clayton Kershaw off of this team, the club would probably have right around 20 wins for the whole season right now, and for the amount of money that has been spent on putting this team together, the Dodgers should be 32-24 not 24-32.

28: Milwaukee Brewers (21-35, -$1,637) (LW: 26): We figured that the Brewers would be happy to see the month of May go, as that clearly ruined their entire season and put them in a hole that they aren't going to get out of. They have dropped two of their first three to start off June as well, and about the only bright spot that the team has is that OF Carlos Gomez is coming into his own as one of the top outfielders in the game, and there is a chance that he might even make the All-Star team this year.

29: Miami Marlins (16-42, -$1,843) (LW: 30): A 3-5 week is considered a triumph in Miami for sure. The Marlins are now just 10-20 at home this year, and if they keep up at this pace, they are going to end up losing 117 games on the campaign. There is just nothing good to say about this club when push comes to shove.

30: Los Angeles Angels (25-33, -$1,868) (LW: 25): There is just never an excuse to lose four straight games to the Astros, especially at home. That really wrecked all of the momentum that the team had built up over the course of the last several weeks. Manager Mike Scioscia should really pay the price for what has turned into a real joke of a season that is only funny outside of Los Angeles.