The 2013 MLB betting season is now nearly 60 games old for the mass majority of teams in the bigs, and we're going to be looking at the ones that have really excelled at home over the course of the start of the season today at Bang the Book.

(Home record and amount of profit based upon a $100 bet listed in parentheses)

Atlanta Braves (20-7, +$959) - The Braves have won their last four games at home, and they are going to hope to finish off this series at Turner Field against the Pirates with a sweep on Wednesday. The team has really been tremendously good at home all season long, as it has three series sweeps, and it has not lost a home series all year. There have been some splits, but no series losses. The club has also put up at least six runs in 11 out of 27 home games this year, and that's a heck of a statistic to try to counter if you're coming to town and don't have the pitching to shut this team down. The Braves are almost quietly building the best home field advantage in the game this season.

Pittsburgh Pirates (21-11, +$890) - Can you believe that there isn't a team with more wins at home this year than the Pirates? Send up the Jolly Roger! The Bucs had some problems at home against the Reds last week, and those problems are spilling over on the road in Atlanta, but we know that when this team gets back at home, it is going to get back to its winning ways. Every now and again, you just see this thing called mojo that teams build up, and at home, it really feels as though Pittsburgh isn't quitting in games. This team has won a ton of games from the sixth inning on, and that's not something that you see all that often with teams that don't turn out to be all that good. These Pirates are legit.

Cincinnati Reds (21-8, +$883) - The Reds have the second best home record in baseball behind the Braves, and they have really been consistent here at the Great American Ball Park all year long. They haven't lost consecutive games at home all season long, which is quite a testament for 29 games into the season, and if that type of production keeps up, this is going to be the team that really gives the Cardinals a run for their money in the NL Central. The Reds have also played their last few home games without 2B Brandon Phillips, who is arguably one of the most valuable players in all of baseball considering the position which he plays.

San Francisco Giants (21-10, +$776) - The Giants might be 21-10 right now at home, but they have themselves a heck of a lot of problems that they are going to need to address going forward. Remember that this is a team that is only just barely above .500 at this point, and the pitching staff has really lacked for most of the campaign. No pitcher on the entire staff has more than four wins on the season, and all of the starters from the start of the campaign have at least three losses as well. Fortunately, the bullpen has stayed rock solid and the offense has picked up the pieces just a bit, but if the G-Men aren't going to ultimately figure out how to get better efforts from their starting pitchers, especially RHP Matt Cain, this record at home is going to end up disappearing in a hurry.

Texas Rangers (18-8, +$719) - Here's the scary news for the rest of the AL West: The Rangers are 13-games above .500 coming into play on Wednesday, and they have only played 26 games at home. Most teams have played at least in the high-20s, and some have played in the 30s as well. The only series that this team has lost since the very beginning of May was a series against the surging Oakland A's. When the time comes that Oakland calms down just a bit though, there is a real possibility that the Rangers are going to storm back in front by a large margin and ultimately run away from the rest of the division. The home series from now until the Fourth of July are against the Indians, Blue Jays, A's, Reds, Mariners, and Astros, so this home record is destined to only improve.