Listed below are the best teams for baseball betting fans this year. Just because your team isn't winning the most games doesn't mean that they aren't making you the most money!

Our MLB power poll is back, as we analyze all of the best and worst money teams in the bigs that MLB betting action has to offer through 6/17/13.

1: Pittsburgh Pirates (41-28, +$1,610) (LW: 1): The most surprising story in baseball continues to stay atop our Power Poll after going 4-2 in action this week. Gerrit Cole has thus far lived up to the hype, going 2-0 in his first two major league starts and rewarding the club's faith in him after other prospects from the talented 2011 draft class have started to make their mark.

2: Oakland Athletics (42-29, +$1,098) (LW: 4): The rejuvenated Bartolo Colon has been a big reason why the A's have continued to surprise this year and his control has been the reason why. The big right hander simply has not let guys earn a free trip to first this year, allowing a scant 10 walks in 90.1 innings of action.

3: St. Louis Cardinals (44-25, +$1,116) (LW: 2): The best team in baseball slips down to #3 in this week's poll, but has continued to line the pockets of MLB betting enthusiasts, particularly away from home. Outside the friendly confines of Busch Stadium, the Cardinals are 25-13 +$1,076, easily the best overall record and best money record in baseball thus far.

4: Baltimore Orioles (40-30, +$983) (LW: 7): After struggling last week, Chris Davis is back on track hitting three dingers this week and bringing his total to an MLB best 23. Somewhat lost in Chris Davis' Brady Anderson type season has been the performance of uber-prospect SS Manny Machado. With a triple slash line of .358/.495/.854 it's not anathema to consider him the best young prospect in the game, even ahead of Bryce Harper and Mike Trout.

5: Atlanta Braves (41-28, +$781) (LW: 3): Atlanta took a bit of a fall in this week's ranking, but Braves fans can still smile about their club being 6.5 games clear of Washington in the NL East right now. Visitors must have the infamous Tomahawk Chop ringing through their ears when they play in Turner Field as the Braves are an MLB best 23-8 +$1,122 at home this season.

6: San Diego Padres (35-34, +$745) (LW: 14): A little home cooking turned out to be just what the Padres needed as they vaulted up our rankings this week thanks to sweeps of the Braves and the Diamondbacks. P Jason Marquis continues to be an amazing acquisition, with a 9-2 record for San Diego this year. Sabermeticians may cry out that his W/L is inflated because of his 1.39 WHIP but Marquis will get an All-Star nod out of his hot start.

7: Cincinnati Reds (42-28, +$680) (LW: 10): The Reds went 5-2 this week, but feasting on bottomfeeders like the Cubs and Brewers won't get a big bump in the rankings. If the Reds can match that record against the Pirates and Diamondbacks this week though, they'll be sure to vault up next week's poll.

8: Boston Red Sox (42-29, +$678) (LW: 6): The more things change the more they stay the same. This was the year that a team like Toronto or Tampa Bay was supposed to win the AL East, but instead the Red Sox find themselves in first as they try to put more and more distance between this season and Bobby Valentine. Boston has gotten it done with offense this year, averaging over five runs a game en route to being the MLB's most productive team thus far.

9: Arizona Diamondbacks (37-32, +$523) (LW: 8): Getting swept by the Padres may have left a bitter taste in the mouths of the Diamondbacks, but they should be able to wash that taste out with a home series against the lowly Marlins to start the week. Patrick Corbin continues to dominate in the majors, and with a potential Archie Bradley call-up looming late in the season the Diamondbacks may have the best 1-2 punch of arms in baseball.

10: Cleveland Indians (34-34, +$466) (LW: 13): The Indians may not get in front of Detroit again this season, but a 4-2 record on the week gets them back to .500 and stops the skid. Young guns Carlos Santana and Jason Kipnis have Cleveland fans harkening back to the mid-90s though and better days seem to be on the horizon for the Tribe.

11: New York Yankees (38-31, +$409) (LW: 5): Despite falling this week, the Yankees are still wildly overachieving per advanced stats. The Yankees +4 run differential belies a team that should be a game or two over. 500 at best, instead of the seven games over that the Yankees happen to be this season. If some of their high priced talent makes it back in time for a stretch run, we could be in for one treat of a pennant race.

12: Minnesota Twins (30-36, +$264) (LW: 12): Minnesota's strategy of not completely bottoming out and rebuilding like the Astros may drive their fans crazy, but continues to make bettors money. Mid-level signings like P Kevin Correia were made with the intent of keeping the club respectable and out of the cellar and the production of old stand-by's like Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer have put a Band-Aid over the Twins' organizational woes.

13: Colorado Rockies (37-33, +$162) (LW: 11): MLB may say that they took the juice out of Coors Field, but don't tell that to the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies are second in the league in runs (352), fourth in the league in OBP (.336), and first in the league in slugging (.453). The question now is whether or not they can keep up this torrid production with SS Troy Tulowitzki on the DL.

14: Houston Astros (26-44, -$66) (LW: 17): How can you be 18 games under .500 and one win away from being a profitable team to bet on the year? By being the Astros! Houston knew that their first season in the brutal AL West would be tough, but so far have shown a pulse where one wasn't expected to be. The team looks to be coming around slowly and with their knack for adding minor league talent at the deadline, it's only a matter of time before Houston completes the turnaround.

15: Kansas City Royals (33-34, -$123) (LW: 19): Kansas City has now won 10 of their last 12 and is showing the form that some expected with the immense amount of young talent on the roster. P James Shields has not had the record to show for it, but has quietly been just what Kansas City was hoping for this year. Shields is sitting at an impressive 1.11 WHIP and 2.79 ERA despite having a W/L of 2-6 and has proven to be just the ace this club has been looking for.

16: San Francisco Giants (35-33, -$137) (LW: 16): No team in baseball has a more pronounced home/road record per the betting odds than the Giants. At home, San Francisco is an impressive 21-11 +$666 for bettors, but on the road the Giants are a dreadful 14-22 -$803. Barring Larry Ellison bargaining to pay off the national debt in exchange for the Giants to play all their games at Pac Bell Park, this team has got to get better on the road.

17: Texas Rangers (38-31, -$236) (LW: 9): Cue the Tom Petty, because the Rangers are free falling. If you had the misfortune of playing the Rangers all week with a $100 unit, you lost almost $900. That's what happens when you lose six straight home games to the Indians and Blue Jays. Texas needs to pull it together soon because their next four series are against the A's, Cardinals, Yankees, and Reds.

18: Toronto Blue Jays (32-36, -$284) (LW: 24): Maybe the Blue Jays are showing signs of life, maybe RA Dickey was not a terrible signing, maybe Toronto shouldn't have traded for half of a Marlins team that massively underachieved in 2012. The one thing that's certain is that Toronto is playing good baseball right now, going 8-2 in their last 10.

19: Tampa Bay Rays (36-33, -$457) (LW: 15): In years past, it was always the offense that let the Rays down. Whenever oft-injured 3B Evan Longoria went to the DL, scoring runs were equivalent to pulling teeth for Tampa Bay, but 2013 has been different. Longoria has stayed healthy and the offense has produced, but the pitching has let them now with David Price still languishing on the DL and Matt Moore struggling recently. Super prospect OF Wil Myers is being called up today to help further bolster the offense.

20: Detroit Tigers (38-29, -$516) (LW: 18): Jim Leyland may want to consider selling timeshares. Not many people thought it was a good idea to move Miguel Cabrera over to third base permanently, but over the last year and a half Miggy's defense has improved enough that he has garnered a little bit of Gold Glove buzz.

21: Washington Nationals (34-34, -$522) (LW: 20): To say Dan Haren has been a bust this season is putting it lightly. Haren has been just awful and the 4-8 record he posts surprisingly understates how ineffective he has been. Opponents are teeing off on him, averaging .301 off of Haren, one of the highest averages in the league.

22: Seattle Mariners (31-39, -$750) (LW: 25): Seattle has had no luck scoring runs over the last few years, even after acquiring some very talented prospects through free agency and trades. Jesus Montero, Justin Smoak, and Dustin Ackley were supposed to lead the Mariner resurgence but instead Seattle is a schooner idling in the middle of the water without an engine.

23: Chicago Cubs (28-39, -$792) (LW: 23): SS Starlin Castro has taken a step back this year after being heralded as the best young shortstop in the game before the season started. In 282 ABs, Castro's triple slash is just .277/.337/.614, much worse than last year's numbers. Castro has had a much lower than expected BABIP so there is hope for a turnaround, but he'll still put up lower than expected numbers.

24: Philadelphia Phillies (33-37, -$810) (LW: 21): If you want to look up the definition of unlucky this year, just type in the name of Cole Hamels. Although Hamels is pitching well below his usual standards, his 1.27 WHIP and 4.40 ERA are not indicative of a 2-10 W/L record. With Hamels struggling and Roy Halladay on the DL, the onus has fallen to Cliff Lee. Lee has had a great season, going 8-2 with a 0.98 WHIP and a 2.55 ERA and should be one of the contenders for the Cy Young despite the fact that he is floundering on the Phillies.

25: Chicago White Sox (28-38, -$1073) (LW: 22): Thank God for Miami. Otherwise the White Sox would have the worst road record in the league, posting a 12-24 -$1149 so far in 2013. The boys from the South Side of Chicago have lost three straight one run games to the Astros and need a win on Monday night to prevent the ignominy of getting swept by the worst team in the AL.

26: Milwaukee Brewers (28-40, -$1,416) (LW: 26): This week the Brewers spent the week on the road against Miami and Cincinnati altering wins and losses to go 3-3. It's been a weird year for the Brew Crew, they had a nine-game winning streak in April, followed by two four-game losing streaks, a five-game losing streak, and a six-game losing streak in May. At least you can say that the Brewers are consistent.

27: Miami Marlins (21-47, -$1,674) (LW: 29): A 3-3 week usually isn't seen as progress, but Miami will run with it in this instance. The Marlins won their first series against a team not named the Mets after a 7-2 win on Sunday gave them a series win over the Cardinals of all teams. Miami is no longer the total laughing stock they were earlier in the year and have shown signs of life in June. They are no longer on pace to set the record for the most impotent offense of all-time and are actually starting to draw better attend- yeah, that last part isn't true.

28: New York Mets (25-39, -$1,463) (LW: 27): Meet the new laughing stock, same as the old laughing stock. The Mets had a play that only the Mets could have on Sunday, a Little League type moment where on one play the Mets committed three errors and let two runs score. Oh, and all the errors were in the infield. Of course, the Mets won that game only because the Cubs are the Cubs.

29: Los Angeles Dodgers (29-39, -$1,885) (LW: 28): If you can't be good, be interesting, and if there's anything the Dodgers have been the last few weeks, it's interesting. OF Yasiel Puig has dominated since is call-up and even shrugged off a baseball to the face as no big deal. It was the plunk that launched a thousand ships though, because after Ian Kennedy plunked another Dodger the next inning, we had a WWE style brawl that should have seen Jim Ross join Vin Scully in the booth.

30: Los Angeles Angels (30-39, -$2,041) (LW: 30): Welcome to the -$2,000 club Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim! There are snack cakes and juice boxes by the wall, and a portrait of the 2003 Detroit Tigers hanging in the far corner. The Angels problems have stemmed from one main area, pitching. Angels' pitchers are averaging a 4.34 ERA and a 1.39 WHIP, two of the worst numbers in the majors, and Joe Blanton is leading the way admirably with a 1-10 record attached to a gag-inducing 1.63 WHIP.